If you're having trouble logging into your account, follow these tips below:

  • Make sure you are entering the email address you signed up with
    If you are trying to sign in with a different email address to the one attached to your policy, the system won't recognise you. If you have changed or forgotten your email, please contact us here.
  • Allow 2 minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox
    If you have entered the correct email address, sometimes there may just be a small delay for the email to appear in your inbox.
  • Check your spam/ junk folder
    If you still haven't received your email after a couple of minutes, check your spam/junk folder in case the email to sign in is in there
  • Make sure you are checking the correct inbox
    After you click 'Go to inbox' on the sign in page, your browser will open the default inbox you already have open. Sometimes, this inbox may be a different email to the email address you signed up with. So make sure you are looking for the email to sign in in the right inbox!

Still nothing? Get in touch with us here and a member of the team will be happy to help!