A written off car is known as a Total Loss and the process for these claims is slightly different. You can find out more about written off cars here.

Is my policy automatically cancelled if my car is written off?
No! Even if your car is written off, your policy will stay active unless you ask us to cancel it. This is because you can change your car and stay on cover for the rest of the year if you’d like. You can also choose to repair your car yourself, at your own cost, and then provide us with an independent engineer’s report to show the car is now roadworthy.When we pay out for your claim, you owe us your full premium for the year even if you cancel the policy. If you would prefer to cancel, please contact us.

Is my direct debit automatically cancelled?
No - if you’re a monthly payer, your direct debit will stay active until your claim is settled. For Total Loss claims, your outstanding premium (the amount left to pay us for the year) will normally be deducted from your claim payout. Once we receive this payment, we will close your direct debit agreement.

Will my policy renew if my car is written off?
Yes it will. If your claim is still being processed, or you change your car, you will most likely be invited to renew your policy with us. If your claim is settled, you may be asked to change your car or provide an independent engineer’s report before we renew your cover for another year.

More information on how long your claim might take can be found here.