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To Budapest and beyond: Growing our Budapest engineering team

3 mins

Wondering what life’s like for our engineers in Budapest? 🤔 You’re in luck! Bence, our Engineering Manager over in Budapest, is here to answer all your questions…

Why did Marshmallow set up an office in Budapest?

After a few years of hard work, we’ve officially opened a second office to help us achieve our company growth goals! We set up a new office Budapest for several reasons: to hire great new people and to create a working environment that aligns with our UK team. Since opening our Budapest office, we’ve invested heavily into creating and growing multiple teams like our customer operation and engineering teams 🌱

How big is the Budapest engineering team?

We’re still a small team of three people at the moment. We have a Backend Engineer, a Tech Lead, and myself as an Engineering Manager. We’re currently looking for at least four more Backend Engineers at both senior and mid-levels. In the future, we’ll be creating more teams in Budapest, so expect the number of positions to grow! 🚀

You can take a look at our open roles here

What type of work are the Budapest engineers doing?

We’re responsible for developing Pricing, one of the core services of Marshmallow. Our mission is to build the pricing and fraud capabilities that allow other teams to bring new products and prices to the market in a safe way.

We work closely with pricing analysts and other product teams, helping them to push out price changes, run experiments or deliver features by putting new capabilities into the pricing ecosystem. Our roadmap for the next year includes developing new capabilities, making larger technical improvements and constantly updating our pricing engine. 

What made you want to work at Marshmallow?

I read lots of things about the culture that made me want to apply to Marshmallow: strong ownership mindset, being customer-first, and giving honest feedback. During the interview process, I was asked a lot of good questions that lined up to these cultural values. It showed me that people at Marshmallow really do care about their culture. 

In my first few months here, that realisation only became stronger as I constantly saw people around me role model the Marshmallow culture and encourage each other to do the same. I think this is vital to every successful company and product 🙌

Want to join the Marshmallow engineering team in Budapest? Or maybe you’re a engineer looking for your next move in London? Check out our open roles here.