Offset your miles with our carbon calculator

We’re starting our own journey to carbon neutrality by helping our customers accurately calculate their driving emissions and helping them to offset.

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How it works

Inside your account, you will be able to find your CO2 emissions for the year based on your car, driving & location. We will then provide you the amount it would cost with our certified partners to offset that amount.

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Our carbon neutral targets

We aim to have a 100% carbon neutral customer base by the end of 2022.

total customer emissions

tons of CO2 per year

to offset, this would require

new trees to be planted

How we intend to do it

Here’s our step-by-step plan in order to meet our carbon targets.

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Calculate carbon emissions

We’re using personalised information for each customer to calculate their emissions. We then provide certified methods for them to offset their own carbon inside their account.

Allow automatic offsetting

Provide the option to new and exsiting customers to automatically pay for their carbon offsetting through their Marshmallow account. Once you turn it on, you’re offset for all the time you’re a Marshmallow customer.

Contribute to offsetting

We will contribute a percentage toward the cost of offsetting miles for Marshmallow customers. This will start small and increase over time until...

Offset every mile

We will ensure every mile driven by Marshmallow customers is carbon neutral by 2022. With our ever expanding capability to reduce costs across the board, we will use those savings to make carbon neutrality an automatic right for every customer.