The puzzle of pricing

There are a number of factors that affect the price of your insurance cover. We want to be transparent and give you an insight into how we price you. For example, a higher price doesn't necessarily mean you are a worse driver! We have highlighted some of these factors below.

What affects your price?

The car you drive

It goes without saying - faster, flashier sports cars are a greater risk than a dependable Fiat, Ford or Honda. They cost more to replace & repair but are also more prone to accidents due to their power. This naturally means the car you drive can impact the price of your insurance. We consider things like the value of your car, the engine size, the security features, the modifications, and the handling when working out the price of your insurance.

Where you live

In the peaceful countryside there's quiet, empty roads, fewer crashes, and therefore cheaper insurance prices. Whereas in a busy city, there’s lots of traffic, angry drivers, car thefts, car crashes, and (unsurprisingly) more expensive insurance prices. Put simply, where you live makes a difference to your insurance price.

Your driving experience

Usually, the more experience a driver has the better they are at driving but that isn't always true. Drivers who have had bad training, lots of crashes and experience on roads with different laws sometimes pick up bad habits. The amount of time you have been driving is important, but so is how and where you've driven over that time.

How you use your car

Some people use their car every day for commuting, business deliveries, groceries, pleasure, and cross-country road-trips. Some people use their car to pop to the local corner shop once a week. How much you drive, and the reason you are driving can alter your price.

What we'll never price on

We are proud that we insure people of all races, genders, ethnicities and beliefs. We never discriminate against anybody based on these characteristics and never will. We currently provide insurance to people who have learned to drive in 138 countries and, using technology, believe we can make insurance more affordable and reliable.