We believe
in migration.

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What we stand for

Moving country is a hard, daunting process and we admire the people that are able to go through with this life changing decision. We build financial products to help these people integrate into society as quickly as possible and to support global migration. We've started by building a tech-first, smarter car insurer saving migrants thousands of pounds every day. And this is just the start. Read more about our mission in this blog written by two of our founders.

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Our focus


We make insurance affordable - to help you save money.  We invest in technology to reduce our operating costs and we pass those savings on to our members.


We want to make insurance simpler. We’ve made sure that you can sign up to Marshmallow in a few minutes and that everything is explained in plain English. We also have live chat so that you can speak to us whenever something is on your mind.


We are focused on making a difference and we do that by supporting expats and their financial health - it’s not rocket science.

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Making insurance better together

Our members are always our number one priority. This means listening to them, inviting them to help us understand what we can do better and working with them to build an impactful insurer.
Our members support us, so our team support them.

We’re in good hands

We might be new, but we’re backed by a group of investors that have been behind some of the most exciting new businesses of the last few years. These include: Spotify, Snapchat, Adyen, and Monzo.

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The insurer we work with

We work with an innovative underwriter with huge amounts of experience called Mulsanne. The premium is then re-insured by re-insurance giants Munich Re and Trans Re.