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Insurance rebuilt from the ground up

Why is insurance so important? We believe it plays a central role in modern society. But to understand why, we need to travel back to where it began.

Unearthing the history of insurance

Concepts of insurance trace back to as early as 1750 BC. Mediterranean sailing merchants would pay an extra fee to their lenders to guarantee that no repayment would be expected if their shipment got lost or stolen at sea. Insurance became the facilitator for adventure.

Fast forward to 1666 when The Great Fire of London destroyed 70,000 of the city's 80,000 homes.
The disaster transformed insurance from luxury to necessity, inspiring the inclusion of 'The Insurance Building' in Sir Christopher Wren's 1667 plan of London.

Today it's possible to insure everything we own and for some things we're required to by law. This  obscures our perception of insurance from protection to burden. We've made it our mission to reverse this.

We didn’t create Marshmallow because we liked insurance.
Quite the opposite, in fact.

For a service that is essential for everyone, insurance as it stands does not benefit society and has a reputation that reflects this. We made it our mission to change that.

We believe insurance should be easy to get and reasonable to afford. Crucially, it should be attainable for anyone. A person without a credit history needs to drive to work, and an expat without a UK driving license needs to pick their kids up from school.  We use technology to make it possible - and to guarantee the best price.

We've grown to a team of over 50, recruiting the best talent in technology, insurance, design and data, to create a group of mission-driven individuals who share a collective commitment to innovation.

We insure people that others don't

At Marshmallow we're proud to support a diverse customer base. We often insure the people that other insurers won't.

We make it easy for our customers

We know that it's simpler and faster for our customers to manage their insurance online. So we've created web apps that provide customers with comprehensive control of their policies, meaning that the majority of our interactions are online and straight forward.

Technology drives us forward

We've curated a team of experts who capably harness the best technology for a superior insurance product. The efficiency this permits reduces the overheads that exist with other insurers, a saving that directly decreases prices for our customers.

help us build the future of insurance