We believe
in technology.

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What we stand for

Insurance companies haven’t kept up. The industry is slow, has bad relationships with customers and doesn’t know how to innovate. We use technology to differentiate from older insurance companies and improve customers’ lives. We are on a mission to make insurance more affordable, instant and inclusive.

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Our focus


At the heart of it, insurance products are there to enable and mitigate risk-strewn endeavours and lives. The cheaper this service can be delivered the better for the customer.


Customers value things as quickly as possible, the best speed we can reach: instant.


The unbanked, the migrant, the flexi-worker, the unemployed, all need to have access to financial products — yet they find it much too hard to do so, we are changing that.

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Making insurance better together

Our members are always our number one priority. This means listening to them, inviting them to help us understand what we can do better and working with them to build an impactful insurer.
Our members support us, so our team support them.

We’re in good hands

We might be new, but we’re backed by a group of investors that have been behind some of the most exciting new businesses of the last few years. These include: Spotify, Snapchat, Adyen, and Monzo.

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The insurer we work with

We work with an innovative underwriter with huge amounts of experience called Mulsanne. The premium is then re-insured by re-insurance giants Munich Re and Trans Re.