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To back the ones who step outside the norm

We have always been a purpose-driven company.

We started Marshmallow when we found out how unfair insurance prices are for people who move to the UK. Purely because the industry hasn’t given this huge cohort of people a second thought, and isn’t set up to price them properly.

We now help 100,000s of UK newcomers get a fairer deal on their car insurance every year. We do this by building our own technology, developing pricing and fraud models that let us cater to their unique experiences, and investing time in getting to know them on a deeper level.

So far we've sold over half a million policies with our app being used every year by hundreds of thousands people. And according to the Financial times, we were the second fastest growing company in Europe.

So what’s next?

For now, we are still hyper-focused on helping those who are new to the UK.

But there are millions of marginalised customers out there who find themselves on a different path - either by choice or circumstance. And we know they face unique problems that most companies aren’t even aware of.

We believe our future is in helping those people by learning about their experiences, and building our company around their needs.

Solving important problems for the people who need it most.

Alexander Kent-Braham
Oliver Kent-Braham
David Goaté
chief architect

Purpose-led from the start

One of our Founders, Alexander, wrote about why migration matters and how we want to help, in our small way, make moving to the UK easier.

It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

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