Car. Kar.
Auto. Motokā.
Voertuig. Mota.

Whatever you call it, we'll insure it.
And save you up to 45%.*

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Licences from all countries covered
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Fairer prices based on all your driving experience, in any country
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Moved to the UK?
We make car insurance one less thing
to worry about.

People who move to the UK used to pay up to 45% more for their car insurance than their UK-born friends. Why? Because most insurers only care about the driving experience you gain after you move here.

Then came Marshmallow!

We consider all your driving history when we price your policy, wherever in the world you lived before.

That means we can give you the same experience-based discounts as everyone else. So you can spend more on the things that matter.

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Your move, our cover
Marshmallow car insurance, built with you in mind.
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Save up to 45% 
as a UK newcomer
  • Instant experience-based discounts on all the years you’ve been driving, in the UK and abroad

  • Extra discounts for a proven record of claim-free driving (accepted from all insurers, no translation needed)

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Get help when you need it most
  • Live Chat support open daily

  • 24/7 phone line for claims and accident support

  • £36 million paid out in claims in 2022

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Be in control
  • Make unlimited changes to your details on the app when you buy direct

  • Spread the cost with smaller monthly payments

  • Review your cover every year and only pay for what you need

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70% of those we’ve insured this year are new to the UK

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Cover with a little va va vroom

Designed to fit your needs and experiences.

Build your 
own cover

Add extra features to your plan and make it just right. We have breakdown cover, legal cover, discount protection - and more.

Flexible payments

Spread the cost across smaller monthly payments, choose your own payment date, and get extra help if you need it.

Help the way you want it

Get help fast on Live Chat, call us 24/7 for claims and access support, or browse our FAQs.

Only pay for what you need

What’s right today might not be right tomorrow. We’re making it easier than ever to make changes when you need to and stick to budget.

Simple. Clear. Straightforward.

Insurance sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. So we’re here to cut through the nonsense.

All this and more on a 5-star(ish) app
  • Change your details on-the-go
  • All your documents in one place
  • Get help fast on Live Chat
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What our car insurance looks like

Fully comprehensive cover for wherever you’re going, no matter where you started.

What’s included

Extra things you can add

Who we can cover

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Driving in the UK: tips and tricks
Our beginner's guide.
Get your car ready
Before you touch the steering wheel, make sure you’ve taken care of all the legal stuff. You’ll need to register the car, pay the road tax, check the MOT, and get car insurance. All before you drive it.

Find out more about the legal stuff
Brush up on UK road rules
The basics are a doddle. Drive on the left-hand side. Wear a seatbelt. Don’t use your phone while you’re driving. Remember the speed signs are in miles, not kilometres. If there are two yellow lines at the side of the road, don’t park there.

Read more about what to do on UK roads
Learn how to use a roundabout
Not unique to the UK, but still new to many. Let’s cover the basics. Always slow down when you approach them. Give way to anything approaching from the right. When the road is clear, go round in a clockwise direction. Indicate before you exit.

Learn more about roundabouts

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Know everything about UK car insurance, yet?

You will after a visit to our blog.

pine tree air freshener in car window
What car insurance documents do you need to get UK cover?

Take the stress out of signing up for UK car insurance by finding out what documents you need to get cover.

An image of car keys on a pile of marshmallows
What is Fully Comprehensive car insurance?

Find out all you need to know about Fully Comprehensive car insurance with this handy blog.

How to exchange an international driving licence for a British one

How and when to exchange an international drivers licence for a British one. Don't miss out!

Answers to important questions

Can you cover me if I’m not a UK resident?
Is car insurance different in the UK?
I didn’t pass my test in the UK. Can I still get insured?
Do you offer translation services?
What is a No Claims Discount?
What is the cheapest insurance you offer?

*In July 2023, our average quote for UK newcomers was more than 45% cheaper than the equivalent quote with zero years of driving and claim-free experience. At Marshmallow, we accept driving and claim-free history from all countries.

Drivers from outside the EU/EEA will need to switch to a UK licence 12 months after becoming a UK resident, or drive on a provisional licence with the same rules as learner drivers. You can find out more here.

Marshmallow can save Migrants who are new to the UK up to £300: Based on internal data for insurance policies sold via Price Comparison Websites in 2023, and when we have quoted the cheapest price, the average difference between our price and the second cheapest price was up to £300 cheaper for Migrants who are new to the UK