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Everything you need to know about driving in the UK, and getting insured

Driving and UK car insurance
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How to exchange an international driving licence for a British one

How and when to exchange an international drivers licence for a British one. Don't miss out!

What is Fully Comprehensive car insurance?

Find out all you need to know about Fully Comprehensive car insurance with this handy blog.

What car insurance documents do you need to get UK cover?

Take the stress out of signing up for UK car insurance by finding out what documents you need to get cover.

Why is UK car insurance expensive and how can I make it cheaper?

UK car insurance can be expensive. But how do UK insurers work out how much you should be paying for your policy? And how can you bring the price down? Let’s take a look… 

Understanding mobile phone laws when driving in the UK

Most countries in the world now have laws on using a mobile phone while driving. In many, it’s illegal, with strict penalties attached. So what’s the score in the UK? Our guide has all the rules and regulations you need to know.

A UK newcomer's guide to driving in Birmingham

Like any large well-connected city, Birmingham can be a bit daunting to drive around when you first arrive. But not for long. Here are some things to watch out for when getting on the road.

Everything you need to know about buying a used car

Buying a used car is a good way to save cash when you're beginning to drive in the UK. But where do you buy them from? What do you need to check? Our guide has all the answers.

Our top 3 UK road trips

Searching for your next holiday? Put away the passports. Here are 3 Uk road trips that could beat any trip abroad.

Do I need an immigration share code to get a UK driving licence?

Find out how to check your immigration share code, plus what you can use it for.

What do I need to drive on holiday in Europe?

What could be better than a European road trip? But planning a long-distance drive across borders can be confusing. This checklist is here to help.

Your guide to UK driving with a Pakistani licence

Are you a Pakistani driver that's new to the UK? Here's everything you need to know about UK licences and car insurance.

Road ready? A checklist for Nigerian drivers in the UK

Are you a Nigerian driver that’s new to the UK? Here’s everything you need to know about UK licences and car insurance.

What are UK car insurance groups and which is the cheapest?

Want to know how much your Renault Clio or brand-new Ford Focus is affecting your car insurance price? This blog has the answers.

UK Road Signs: a guide for UK newcomers

To help you refresh your knowledge, we’ll look at the basics of UK road signs and share some handy resources too.

Top 5 features of the Marshmallow app

How our (almost) 5-star app makes managing your car insurance quicker and easier than ever.

Top 5 mistakes people make after an accident

We share 5 things not to do after an accident, because sometimes that's easier to remember!

What is car insurance excess?

Want to know what an excess actually is and how it affects the price of your car insurance? Read this blog...

How long does a car insurance claim take to settle?

How long does a claim take? How can I make the process move faster? And what info do I need to provide? We answer these questions, and more.

5 things you need to ask the other driver in an accident

Talking to the other driver after an accident is often the last thing you want to do, no matter who caused it. But you only need to ask them these 5 things...

Moved from the EU? Here's a mini guide to UK car insurance

Moved to the UK from the EU? Hello - this blog is for you! We’ll chat about everything from getting UK car insurance to driving with your EU licence.

What is Third-party car insurance?

This blog looks at Third-party cover, what it protects you from and how it’s different from Fully Comprehensive insurance.

Road Tripping with Marshmallow: The Brecon Beacons

A Welsh road trip itinerary starting at Hay-on-Wye and ending with a drive through the Black Mountain Pass. Time to pack your suitcases!

Make a Crash Stress-Free with Bump!

Get all the information you need following an accident easily and hassle-free.

Nanelle Griselda: Moving To The UK & Becoming a Nurse

Nanelle Griselda, a YouTuber and UK registered nurse from Ghana, answers six questions about life in the UK.

Absolutely Ashika Reveals The Challenges Of Moving To The UK

Moving to the UK as an Expat: Discover the challenges of visas, renting, driving licenses, and more with expat-life expert Ashika.

Save Money on Car Insurance in the UK

Save money on car insurance in the UK with affordable & reliable options. We specialise in helping people who've moved to the UK find cheap car insurance.

Marshmallow Breakdown Cover: Powered by the AA

Get the best breakdown coverage with Marshmallow Breakdown Cover, powered by the AA. Find out everything you need to know and get protected today.

How Does Car Insurance Work for Non UK Residents

This blog helps answer questions like: what does being a UK resident mean in practical terms? And can you get UK insurance without fitting that criteria?

Absolutely Ashika On Getting a Job In The UK

Ashika of Absolutely Ashika is back. This time she's chatting job applications, driving to work and UK workplace culture.

Driving in the UK: A Mini-Guide for Expats

Driving in the UK: A Mini-Guide for Newcomers. Get essential tips on driving with a foreign license, obtaining a UK license, and securing car insurance.

Can I Drive In The UK On My License From Another Country?

Driving in the UK: License from Another Country? Find out if your current license is valid & learn how it works in the UK. Get all the info you need here.

Buying a Car in the UK: FAQs Answered

Looking to buy a car in the UK? Get all your FAQs answered and make an informed decision. Start your car insurance journey with Marshmallow.

Car Insurance in the UK: A Simple Guide

Looking for car insurance in the UK? Get a simple guide to buying your first policy and learn about the key differences compared to other countries.

Why is car insurance so expensive in the UK?

Looking for affordable car insurance in the UK? Discover why insurance prices are high and learn money-saving tips. Save on car insurance today!

Why is car insurance so expensive for young drivers?

Looking for affordable car insurance for young drivers? Discover why premiums are so expensive and learn money-saving tips in our informative blog.

Driving in winter: tips for UK drivers

Brrrr. Winter has arrived! Here's a handy guide to help you avoid icy situations on the road.

Top 10 tips from our new to the UK experts

Ashika, Nanelle and Tochi share what they've learned about moving to the UK to help other newcomers get settled.

Smart Money People x Marshmallow: What UK newcomers need to know about the cost of living crisis

Jacqueline Dewey, CEO of Smart Money People, explains what the cost of living crisis means for people who’ve moved to the UK...

What is a car insurance premium?

Read this to find out what a premium is, how the price of a premium is calculated, and why UK newcomers often get charged too much for theirs.

What's the best car insurance in the UK for newcomers?

Why Marshmallow is the best car insurance for people who’ve moved to the UK and want to save money.

Tochi Esther on the lessons she learned after moving to the UK

YouTuber and OISC-approved UK Immigration Advisor Trainee, Tochi Esther talks about her experience of moving to the UK.

What car insurance do I need?

This blog covers a lot... From Third-party Only and Fully Comprehensive policies, to why it matters what you use your car for.

What on earth is Marshmallow Plus?

‍Marshmallow Plus is our feature-packed car insurance plan, providing the highest level of cover to customers. Read on to find out more...

Why is the car insurance claims process taking so long?

We answer all your questions about delays affecting car insurance claims right now, including courtesy cars and car body repairs.

The women who transformed driving

We travel back in time to celebrate the women who pioneered driving and road safety. Think key inventions (indicators, windscreen wipers, GPS) and ingenious design features.

Get a UK Driving Licence: 5 Easy Steps

Get your UK driving licence in just 5 easy steps! This quick guide is perfect for non UK-nationals looking to obtain their driving licence in the UK.

What Is A No Claims Discount and How Does It Work?

Confused about your No Claims Discount? Discover how to get rewarded for your claim-free driving experience with Marshmallow.

Driving in the UK with a Foreign Licence - All You Need to Know

Driving in the UK with a Foreign Licence? Discover how to drive in the UK with your international licence and explore important regulations.

What to do after a car accident

5 steps to follow after an accident so you know how to stay safe, what to say to the other driver, and when to call us.