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What's the best car insurance in the UK for newcomers?

Enter Marshmallow - car insurance designed for people with driving experience from all over the world.

There are lots of things to think about when finding the best car insurance for you. First up, you need a good price. You also need to trust your insurer and know that they will support you properly if you need them.

That’s where we come in. We give you all those things and more. Here’s why we’re a great insurance company to choose.

You save money on your car insurance  

We started Marshmallow to help people who are new to the UK get cheaper car insurance. That means you could save up to 45% on your car insurance premium if you sign up with us.

How does that work?

  • Unlike traditional insurers, we count your years of driving experience from every country. That means, even though you’re a new driver in the UK, we won’t treat you like one. You’ll get a fair price based on ALL your years of driving. 
  • Most insurers also won’t accept your claims-free driving history if it's from outside the UK. They'll only look at your claims-free driving history in the UK (also known as a UK No Claims Discount). We do things differently. We’ll reward your years of claims-free driving by looking at your driving history from all countries and giving you the discount you deserve.

All of our policies give you fully comprehensive car insurance. So you get the highest level of protection for less money.

Find out more about how we save UK newcomers money on their car insurance, here

You don’t need a UK driving licence 

Haven’t got a UK driving licence yet? No problem. We’ll cover your current driving licence, no matter what country it’s from, for up to 12 months. That means you can start driving right away.

You can pay for your insurance monthly

Moving to a new country comes with lots of unexpected costs. To help you manage your budget, you can pay for your Marshmallow car insurance monthly. Or, if you prefer, pay it off in one go and don’t worry about it for another year!

You’re in good company (we’ve got over 100,000 happy customers!)

Who better to tell you about our insurance than the people actually using it? Over 70% of our customers this year are new to the UK. And they have some great things to say. 

Here are some of our favourite car insurance reviews in the UK from them:

  • “The best thing I like is that Marshmallow understands that we (people like me, a non UK citizen who came to UK for work, who have been driving in their native country for years) are not new drivers, whereas other insurance provider treats us as a new drivers as we are converting to a UK driving licence.” - Firoz

  • “I just arrived UK a month ago, unfortunately, I got the accident. The Marshmallow Team is very helpful, really very helpful and very patient. They spent a lot of time and help me step by step even the questions are repeated and repeated. I am very sorry for my poor English, I can not totally express my thanks to the Team. Especially, the handler of my case.” - Cain

  • “I must say using Marshmallow is one of the most rewarding decisions I have made coming to UK. They made getting an insurance cover on my car using my international license possible and offered me a good premium and to crown it all, as soon I passed my driving test, my monthly premium was reduced by precisely 29.70%. This they did within 24hrs of uploading my UK licence. Thumbs up!” - Dairo

You get award-winning car insurance

We’ve won awards for the way we use tech to make insurance easier and cheaper, including Best Car Insurance Provider 2022 at the Your Money Awards and Winner for Car Insurance Innovation 2022 at the Finder Awards. 

What made our car insurance stand out? Think an almost 5 star app that’s easy to use, insurance you can update in minutes online and on your phone, and a great customer experience team. Oh, and let’s not forget about our affordable prices. 

Just moved here and looking for the best car insurance in the UK? You’ve just found it! Get a quote here