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Insurance impacts everyone’s lives and we believe it isn’t fit for purpose. An industry created before the information revolution and one that hasn’t moved on since.

No more erroneous makeshift online solutions, we’re starting from scratch and rebuilding the way insurance works.

why we do this

Insurance was designed to protect people, but modern insurers aren’t fulfilling that obligation.

Insurance may be rooted in protection, but nowadays it's regarded more widely as exploitation. That needs to change. With many traditional insurers putting their energy into avoiding claim payment, it's no surprise that only 30% of customers recount a positive experience. We choose instead to put our energy into creating the best insurance product to deliver the best price. This, teamed with an experience-first approach, is how we work to reform insurance for good.

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our mission

We are building a world where insurance benefits everyone. This means using technology to build products that are affordable, instant, and inclusive.

the story so far

We’re on an ambitious journey

From an office the size of a cupboard to one of Europe’s fastest growing fintechs.


The idea of Marshmallow was born and we worked out of a gym for 9 months before receiving $1m in seed capital


Found our first customer - Cody ❣️


Sold £10's millions of premium, whilst saving millions of pounds for our customers.


In 2020 we expect our team to double in size and to grow 500%.


Our values

Below we have outlined the principles that guide our working lives. These behaviours run through the whole company: from our COPs agents who communicate with our customers every day, to those who are writing code to solve pain points.

Move fast

- You are only satisfied when we are making rapid progress.
- You make tough decisions without waiting for consensus.
- You don't dwell on your mistakes, you learn from them.
- You are constantly assessing and optimising your priorities.
- You plan and prepare for speed

Be open & honest

- You provide candid, helpful and timely feedback to colleagues
- You use received feedback as a tool for your own improvement
- You give and receive feedback in a way that encourages more feedback
- You are honest to yourself about your character, skills and limitations
- You say what you think, when it’s in the best interest of Marshmallow, even if it is uncomfortable

Take ownership

- You understand that you are the company and have the opportunity to improve it
- You own your mistakes
- You own your own time at work, and efficiently optimise it
- You recognise that your growth is led, first and foremost, by you
- You proactively improve the company

Be selfless

- You make time to help, teach and share knowledge
- You go the extra mile for the customer
- You work towards team targets and goals
- You are reliable, dependable and punctual
- You pick up menial work when it is in the interest of the team

life at marshmallow

Grow with Marshmallow

We've built a culture that enables people to develop their skills and careers at Marshmallow. Life at a fast-growth, nimble startup constantly changes giving people the opportunity to learn new skills and take on a huge amount of responsibility.

A year doesn’t sound like a particularly long time but in the start-up world, a year is an awfully long time! Marshmallow has changed a huge amount and my role has changed with it, meaning I’ve done things that I could never have dreamed of doing so early in my career. I have been given the opportunity to grow a team, develop them, create a strategy from scratch and collaborate with incredibly talented people from all areas of the business. Things never stand still for long at Marshmallow, so everyone changes, adapts and grows with it. It’s been the most exciting year of my career so far!

Anna - Head of Fraud

In under a year, Marshmallow helped me to progress into a role that suited both my skills and my interests, the best of both worlds! I was involved throughout the entire process meaning that I’m now working in the exact job that I was looking for. Once you know how you want to develop your career, Marshmallow will find a way to help you get there.

Holly - Credit Controller

Having separate tracks for independent contributor and management, really helps us engineers to focus on what we would like to do. I didn’t mind taking a team leadership role, but didn’t want the baggage of having 1:1 meetings and career development meetings for everyone. Leadership and management are very different attributes and having Marshmallow recognise that can only help us attract and keep the best talent.

Hanson - Software Engineer

Marshmallow has been a great place to develop my skills, and has offered me the opportunity to explore areas in which I am most interested. In my case I have been able to take on more responsibility with product development, which has been really enjoyable, and is helping to grow my experience with a lot of new stakeholders.

Chris - Product Manager

I joined Marshmallow as a Front-end Product Engineer a little over nine months ago with an appetite for trying my hand at managing people. After six months working with the team our CTO gave me the opportunity to take on management of four engineers and begin the move from Engineer to Engineering Coach to Engineering Manager. It’s been an amazing experience and a huge step up in my career. Marshmallow are a company that believe in helping people grow and develop – it’s not just an empty promise.

Alex - Front-end Engineer

The latest technology delivered at scale

We believe in everyone embracing responsibility and holding ourselves to the best engineering practices in order to prioritise continuous delivery.
Our current tech stack is Java 14 micro-services using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud with Netflix OSS offerings with SPAs written in React with Redux.

Our benefits

Stock options

Every offer we make to people joining Marshmallow includes shares in Marshmallow. This means that you have a realstake in the company that you’re helping to build, and aligns the interests of the company with those of your own. If people work hard to make Marshmallow a success then they can rightfully expect a share of the future rewards.

Working from home

Whether your partner is ill or you have some deep-focussed work to do, or you just don't want to spend two hours underground, we all work from home (or café) from time to time. We believe that working from home can have a positive impact on how a team works so we encourage people to do this a few times a month.

Monthly socials

Every month we bring the whole team together for a social. These range from Axe throwing ⛏️  to escape rooms to a quiet dinner.

Generous holiday

32 days’ holiday a year (inc UK public holidays), and we encourage you to use them all up! Building an insurer is a marathon, not a sprint.


Pensions, with a 3% employer contribution.

Cycle to work

We are registered under the Cycle-to-Work scheme, so you can buy a bike and accessories tax-free.


(Digital Library! ) If you are a lover of books then you can get added to the Marshmallow kindle account where you will have access to books on startups, engineering, history, philosophy and more.


All the equipment that you need to work best is provided. Most of us work from Mac's but you can choose the weapon you work with!

Friday drinks & all hands

On Friday afternoon we stop the day a bit earlier and have company wide presentations so that everyone knows what's going on. Snacks are provided 🍿

Learning & training

We will contribute towards books, training courses and conferences to help you develop.

Healthy food & snacks

Fresh fruit, biscuits, coffee, tea and soft drinks in the office

Hack days & dev skill share

Twice a year we run a hackathon where teams come together to build anything they want that helps Marshmallow.

Health Insurance

All Marshmallow employees get free private health insurance through Vitality. Not only are you covered for health, but Vitality offers so many more perks including half-price gym membership and free Starbucks coffee.

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