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Krishan's Career Switch: From Fraud to Data Analytics

4 mins

Here at Marshmallow, we celebrate internal moves. If someone's got the transferable skills and passion for a new role in the company, there's always an opportunity for them to apply and try something new!

We sat down with Krishan to chat about his move from the Fraud team to our Data team.

Hey Krishan! Can you tell us about your journey in Marshmallow so far? 

I joined Marshmallow in April 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. That meant doing my onboarding remotely which was an interesting experience. I started as a Fraud investigator in our Fraud team. I had lots of opportunities to develop quickly, and got promoted to a Senior investigator quicker than I expected! As I developed more, I started taking on more responsibilities within the data and initiatives side of my role. So when the opportunity to move to a more data-focused role came up, I went for it!

What interests you about the space you're moving into?

There were lots of things that interested me about the role. But the chance to be more involved in the technical side - working with data, coming up with data-led solutions and using my problem solving skills - was really appealing to me.

Why did you want to stay with Marshmallow rather than try to find your new role in a different business?

I’ve really enjoyed working at Marshmallow over the last couple of years. While I wanted to try to move into a more data-led space, the values and the way people work together at Marshmallow resonates with me, so I really wanted to stay here.

The values here aren’t just words on a wall. They’re something we all believe in which creates a really enjoyable culture to work in. Our mix of values, from Be Selfless to Move Fast, mean that while it’s a comfortable and fun culture to work in, it’s also an exciting one where you can go from an idea to delivery really quickly.

In some businesses, you’re just a cog in the wheel. Here, I feel really valued and that my opinion is listened to. That's a big reason for staying!

How did you find the process of moving internally?

I had naturally progressed to doing more and more relevant work for the data role, so when I saw the role I thought it would be a great opportunity for me. 

I applied for the role internally which was a smooth experience overall! I had an initial chat with Paul, our Lead Data Scientist, where we discussed what would be involved in the role and the skills and experience I have so far. Then I had a couple of interviews with him. 

The whole process took about 2 weeks to complete and then another 2 weeks for an official title change and a switch in day to day responsibilities.  

What are you most proud of in your previous role, and what do you hope to achieve in the future?

There were lots of things I did in my previous role that I’m proud of. But what really stands out is that I was able to get up to speed with the role and ways of working really quickly, adding value early on. 

After some time in the role I was also able to identify and take ownership of introducing process improvements which has made us more efficient as a team.

In my current role, I’ve set my goal to “make sure the data used is the best in the business.” This will help us to keep adding value through accurate data that the whole business can access easily. 

How has Marshmallow supported you through the process of changing role?

Marshmallow did a really good job in supporting me through my role change. In general, the Marshmallow culture is really supportive so it wasn’t a big surprise. 

When I started doing data based work in my fraud role, I was supported by others in the data team to get up to speed quickly. They were always happy to answer my questions! 

Before the interview for the new role, I had support from leadership in the Fraud team to prepare. There was no awkwardness at all. 

How have you found it adjusting to your new team and role?

I’d say I've adapted well, but this is probably the slowest part of the job change process. The Data team I’m now a part of is a fairly new team so we’re still working on coming together as a strong unit.

We’re all trying to do more things to make the team more cohesive, like bi-weekly meetings to share knowledge and discuss issues. I’m confident we’re only going to get better as a team and I’m excited to see how we develop!  

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