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What is Third-party car insurance?

This blog explains Third-party cover, what it protects you from and how it’s different from Fully Comprehensive insurance. 

What is Third-party Only insurance?

Legally, Third-party Only car insurance is the minimum level of cover you can have for your car in the UK.

What is Third-party Only cover?

If you make a claim, most Third-party Only policies will cover the cost of:

  • injury to the other person involved
  • damage to the other person’s car
  • damage to someone else’s property

You and your car will not be protected by this type of insurance. So if you cause damage to your own vehicle in an accident, you’ll have to pay for any repairs. 

How about Third-party, Fire and Theft?

Third-party, Fire and Theft plans offer more protection than Third-party Only policies. 

This type of plan covers: 

  • any injury to the other person in an accident you caused
  • damage to the other person’s car in an accident you caused
  • damage to someone else’s property an accident you caused
  • your car if it’s damaged by a fire
  • your car if it’s damaged by someone trying to steal it
  • your car if it’s stolen

You’re still not covered if you get injured, or if your car is damaged in an accident you caused. 

Fully Comprehensive vs Third-party Only cover. Which is better? 

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. 

Fully Comprehensive offers you more protection

Out of all three policy types, Fully Comprehensive gives you the highest level of cover.

In a nutshell, Fully Comprehensive policies give the same level of protection as Third-party Only and Third-party, Fire and Theft. But it also covers you if:

  • you damage your car in an accident you caused 
  • you are seriously injured in an accident you caused

Is Fully Comprehensive insurance more expensive? 

No, not always.  

Insurers set their policy prices based on the likelihood of someone making a claim. Recent data shows that people who get Third-party Only policies are more likely to claim. So these policies are getting more expensive.

Fully Comprehensive policies give you a higher level of cover, and are sometimes the same price or cheaper than Third-party Only policies. That means better value for money. 

How can I get cheap car insurance? 

First of all, don’t rely on just looking at Third-party Only policies when comparing car insurance policies. 

Often, Fully Comprehensive policies can work out at a similar price point. But, because Fully Comprehensive policies give you more cover, they often provide better value. 

To find out why insurance costs what it does and how you can save money, read our blog here. 

What cover does Marshmallow provide?

Our policies are all Fully Comprehensive. 

But that doesn’t mean we charge you loads. Quite the opposite. If you’re new to the UK we can save you up to 45% on your car insurance by looking at all your past driving experience - in any country. 

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