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Top 5 features of the Marshmallow app

Did you know we have an (almost) 5-star app that makes managing your insurance quicker and easier than ever? 

Someone called it a “lovely app that actually works”. Another said: “The app is really useful with all the info and help you need.”

We happen to agree that it’s a lovely, really useful app. Mostly because of our top features, which include: 

1. Reporting an incident

You can report an accident straight away using your app. Because the quicker you report it, the better. 

You can decide later if you want to continue the claim or not. But by letting us know about an accident quickly, we can get things sorted faster if and when you do decide to claim. Or if someone claims against you. 

2. Accessing your documents 

Need to see your policy documents? No problem! They’re all here. Plus details on any extra protection you chose, like breakdown cover. 

3. Keeping your details up to date

Got a new car? Moved house? Fallen out with your additional driver? We’ve all been there. 

If your circumstances change, don’t cancel your policy. Just edit your details on the app! You’ll avoid cancellation fees AND keep your policy valid and up to date. 

Depending on what plan you’re on, there may be a small fee to do this. 

4. Getting help, fast

If you have any questions, the first place to check is the Help! section on the app. We have FAQs on just about everything. To make the most of our FAQs, keep your searches simple, like: ‘Proof of No Claims Discount’ or ‘What is Fully Comprehensive?’

Can’t find what you’re looking for? That’s where Live Chat comes in. Always start a Live Chat from the app. That way, we can easily access your account and sort out any issues. 

5. Changing your payment date 

Using the app, you can now choose when your monthly payment leaves your account each month. Match it to payday, or work it around your other bills. You can do this once a year.

Side note: you can also update your payment card details in the same place. So avoid late payments with just a few taps. 

Don’t have the app yet? Download it here! 

We promise it’s worth the storage space.