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Three Customer Retention Executives talk job promotions, perks and proudest moments

We’d like to introduce you to Csongor, Eszti, and Ivett. They’re all part of Marshmallow’s Customer Retention Team and are based in Budapest. Oh, and they’ve each been promoted in the last few months. Nice work 👏

Day to day, Csongor, Eszti and Ivett are on Live Chat, helping solve issues for customers and making sure they’re happy to stay with us, year after year. 

We’re shining the spotlight on these talented Customer Retention Execs to share what it’s like to progress your career at Marshmallow. 

Let’s dive in… 

What do you enjoy most about working at Marshmallow? 

Eszti: Our mission. It feels important because we're helping people who’ve moved to the UK for whatever reason. 

If you're moving to another country, especially the UK, you face many challenges - including financial ones. If you don't have a good credit history, a UK driving licence, or a UK claims-free driving score, you're not going to get a fair insurance price from regular insurers. I love that Marshmallow tackles those problems. 

Ivett: I agree! It sounds cliché, but helping people is the job's biggest perk. When someone comes through to you with an issue or a reason why they’re cancelling their policy, it's so rewarding to help find a solution. 

Csongor. For me, it’s that Marshmallow lets you rely on your own common sense and skills to help keep customers happy. We have specific rules to follow, but we’re trusted to drive the conversations and to find the right outcomes for our customers. It's improving my skills as a communicator and problem-solver. 

What made you say ‘Yes!’ to a job in the Customer Retention Team? 

Eszti: For me, the worst thing is having repetitive work and never doing anything new! That’s why I picked Marshmallow. It’s fast-paced, meaning you face new challenges every day. And, because it’s not a multinational corporation, I felt there was more room for me to develop my skills and work my way up towards promotions. 

Oh, and I was attracted to the brand and work culture itself! It’s friendly, fresh and energetic. 

Has anything surprised you about working at Marshmallow? 

Csongor: Yes! The fact that the whole company is very transparent and they live up to their promises. At the interview stage, I was promised a very friendly work environment - and that’s been delivered. I have a personal connection with all the team leads and coaches.  

Ivett: Like Csongor, the company culture stands out to me. It’s completely different to most corporate work environments. Marshmallow is much less strict and not set in its ways - we’re all about trying new ideas here! And we live by our values, too. 

Speaking of our values, which Marshmallow value stands out to you the most? 

Eszti: We are challenging and honest. It means every day is a new day to make progress by changing and improving processes. 

And if we make a mistake, we own it up and speak about it honestly. There's no tip-toeing around problems here, which I appreciate! 

Csongor: We take ownership is the most important one to me. It means we leave our egos at the door and do what we need to get our work done - even owning up to our mistakes if necessary! 

Ivett:  We take ownership, for sure. But also, We are challenging and honest. I'm the sort of person who does speak up, so I appreciate that my feedback and ideas are listened to and implemented when they’re genuinely good!

Read about our company values here.

What’s been your proudest moment at Marshmallow so far? (Did someone say three promotions? 👀) 

Eszti: I recently got promoted to Senior Customer Retention Executive. I just turned 23 and have been working here for around eight months - I think I'm the youngest person in the company to get promoted in such a short period. It’s so rewarding to have my hard work recognised. 

Csongor: I'm very proud that I’ve been able to get up to speed with how we do things, learning the nitty-gritty details of Marshmallow insurance, to deliver lots of helpful Live Chat conversations. I must be doing it well because I just got promoted, too! 

Ivett: Being promoted is something I'm proud of. But I’m also proud of my whole journey here. I started without experience in insurance or online customer service, so working here has been a huge step forward. 

Last but not least, what advice do you have for anyone starting their career?  

Csongor: Take every opportunity to learn from your coaches, leads, and colleagues. Take on advice and feedback. It’s the only way to learn!

Ivett: Trust yourself. There will always be people saying unhelpful things like you can't do this, you're too young, you have no experience. But if you trust yourself, you’ll go far!

Oh, and fake it till you make it!

Thanks so much to Eszti, Csongor and Ivett for sharing their Marshmallow experience! 

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