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Meet our Credit Hire Claims Team

We’re working hard at Marshmallow to improve our claims process so we can better serve our customers. 

That means we’ve been building new teams and hiring talented people to work across more technical aspects of the claims journey. One of those areas is Defendant Credit Hire. 

Right now, we have over 50 talented people working across the technical side of our claims, many of those in our Credit Hire Team. But that number keeps growing as we hire more and more people with unique claims expertise!

We chatted with some of the team to find out what it’s like to work in the Credit Hire Team within Claims, and to hear what they have to say about our workplace culture.

What makes Marshmallow stand out as a place to work? 

James: There’s no micro-management here, as the emphasis is on taking ownership of your work. That means there’s a lot of opportunity to make your mark. I’ve been able to give feedback on things I didn’t think were working, and I’ve helped to introduce new processes. 

Shannon: Another thing is that we’re always looking to make things better at Marshmallow. As a tech company, we don’t take the easy route or rely on the status quo. Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be built on and improved! 

Meghan: For me, it’s that everyone is so welcoming and supportive. When I joined Marshmallow, I was pleasantly surprised by how much my input and ideas were encouraged and listened to.

What’s it been like working in the new(ish) Credit Hire Team? 

Shannon: I love that we’re bringing a new aspect of claims in-house, spotting new opportunities and jumping on them fast. We work quickly and take a hands-on approach to building things ourselves. It means that no day is the same - there’s a lot more variety in Credit Hire at Marshmallow compared to other places I’ve worked.

James: I’m also looking forward to bringing more processes in-house. It comes with many challenges, but it’s great to take more control, driving improvements so that we can deliver quality work. 

How does Marshmallow help you keep up with Credit Hire changes and upskill in this area? 

Meghan: We get Learning & Development Days. I used some of mine to go to a Bent Metal Conference, where I learned about new case law which, in turn, strengthened my technical knowledge.

Also, the Credit Hire Team is part of the broader Claims function, so there are loads of experts on hand to share their wisdom if we need support with things like complex liability decisions or fraud referrals.

Shannon: We’re encouraged to upskill on all sorts, even closely linked things that we may not work on directly - like Personal Injury. Being part of a small team also means there’s a lot of scope to learn as we’re involved in every aspect of Credit Hire work. 

Things are pretty busy on the technical side of claims. How do you support each other and keep each other motivated?

Meghan: We always celebrate the team’s and each other’s wins. However big or small, we share each other’s successes to make sure they’re all acknowledged and recognised.

Our team initiatives with prizes and awards are great, especially if you have a competitive side like me. I recently got a £50 Amazon voucher for raising the most PAVs. Things like that keep us motivated personally and land strong results for the team - a win-win!

Shannon: We’re all really supportive of each other. All you have to do is shout when you’re busy and need a hand. Someone will always jump in to help! We understand and respect that everyone has important work to do, so we try to be there for each other as much as possible. 

The Credit Hire Team is flexible with how and where you work. What are your thoughts on this approach?

James: I’ve really loved coming down to London for team days and socials. The office has a nice atmosphere and is set up perfectly for collaborative work! I’m actually considering moving to London… 

Meghan: The flexibility is a real perk for me. I work from home for an hour in the morning and then get an off-peak train to the office to save money. I also love our monthly team days in the office, where we have lunch together and hang out as a team. 

Thanks to Meghan, James and Shannon for giving us a glimpse into life in the Claims function of Marshmallow! 

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