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Get to know our Customer Retention Team

Back in 2022, we launched the Customer Retention Team. Since then, the team’s grown from 6 to 40+ agents. And they’ve gone global with team members in our London and Budapest offices. 

To give you a glimpse into life in our evergrowing Retention Team, we chatted with them about their work, their plans for scaling up and the superpower they bring to Marshmallow. 

First of all, what does the Retention Team do? 

Put simply, the Retention Team are the bridge that connects customer expectations with business expectations. We help make sure customer needs are shaping commercial decisions. 

To do that, we speak to over 12,000 customers monthly, discovering what we’re doing well and where we can improve.

What’s your biggest focus right now? 

We're looking to finesse our processes and initiatives to help Marshmallow become an industry leader in customer retention. Right now, that means doing all we can to make sure customers want to renew with us.

In the future, we’ll look at other customer journey aspects, like cancellations.

What’s your biggest challenge at the moment, and how do you think you’ll overcome it? 

Because our customer base has grown significantly, we've got lots more renewals due compared to last year. And that means we need to grow our team! 

Scaling up while also keeping standards high is always a challenge. But our sense of collective responsibility for the team's success helps keep us all on track. We’ve created an environment where everyone helps each other, making growing the team much easier.

What can new joiners expect from joining the team? 

For most new starters, the focus will be on speaking with customers over Live Chat and email - so confidence in talking to people and helping solve their problems is key.

There will be lots of chatting with the team, too. As with all teams at Marshmallow, we encourage everyone to collaborate so we can find the best solutions and make improvements to our processes.

And a big thing to remember is that, like all fast-growing tech companies, things move quickly here! 

What do you think the future of the team looks like?

Marshmallow is an innovative company that’s constantly evolving. So, while we may know what 2024 has in store, it’s hard to say beyond that. 

Our engineering teams are currently developing a few new products, which will have a big (and positive!) impact on our work in the future. And they’ll bring a new set of exciting challenges to solve.

What’s your team’s superpower?

It has to be making our customers happy.

We’ve had some fantastic conversations where a customer has got in touch fuming but has left looking forward to another year as a Marshmallow customer.  

Lastly, the Retention Team have monthly socials - what’s been your favourite so far? 

We went to see the play Dear England in the West End. A former Retention team member was actually starring in it, so we went along to support him. It was so exciting seeing one of us up on stage!

A big thanks to the Retention Team for giving us a glimpse into what they do 👀 

If you’re an expert in all things customer happiness, Marshmallow could be the place for you! Check out our open roles in Customer Retention here.