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We’ve got a new mission-led ad campaign

Following our rebrand with Ragged Edge, we’ve launched a new marketing campaign with the help of Wake the Bear and Uncommon Experience Studio. One that’s fully aligned with our company mission. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Where it all started

We’ve always been a purpose-led company. Our Founders started Marshmallow when they found out how unfairly traditional insurers were pricing UK newcomers. For no real reason.

It’s why our mission is to back the ones who step outside the norm, including those who have made the big - often arduous - step to move here. Whether that’s to work, learn, love or just live. Strengthening our own cultures and communities in the process.  

It's a mission we’ve lived and breathed from the start. If you want to know more about our purpose, read this personal account from our Co-Founder, Alexander, about why we care about supporting migration. 

What we wanted our campaign to say

70% of our customers who joined us in 2023 are new to the UK. That’s because we’ve built our insurance to make sure those who move to the UK can get insured at the fairest price possible, with a company that understands their needs. 

But not many people know that, yet. 

So, the message we wanted to share through our campaign was simple: 

Marshmallow is the car insurer for people who’ve moved to the UK 

Backed by facts, like:  

  • We cover ALL licences to get newcomers on the road, quickly.
  • We look at ALL past driving experience, from any country, to offer the best price.
  • We offer flexible payment options to make the cost of moving more manageable.

How we brought it to life

We wanted our customers to see themselves in our ads. So we created a diverse group of characters based on our core customer base. From international students driving to lectures, to professionals commuting to work, to mums dropping their kids off at school, and more. 

And to celebrate our characters’ shared experience of moving to the UK, we chose to create a TV ad with our characters singing along to the 90s classic, Keep On Movin’. 

Why? Because driving is a big part of our customers’ lives. And because singing in the car is a habit shared by people all over the world, regardless of where they’re going or where they’ve come from.

But the campaign didn’t stop there.  

Because, while our ads will keep singing across screens for the foreseeable future, there are policies being discussed and passed by the government that are harming the very same people we set out to celebrate, who bring so much to our culture and communities. Like new visa laws that make it almost impossible for people who come here for work or study to bring their family with them.

So, we parked one of our billboards right outside Westminster, displaying the words: ‘Immigrants Wanted’. 

To reinforce that message, we put up posters around the country celebrating the multitude of reasons people might have for moving to the UK and reframing the negative connotations surrounding the word ‘migrant’. 

Want to know more about what we do here at Marshmallow? Read our story. Or, follow us on social to watch our campaign unfold here.