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What to do after a car accident

4 min read

Some accidents are scarier than others. If it happens to you, take a deep breath. Then follow these 5 steps.

1. Get safe

Whether you caused the accident or someone else did, make sure everyone involved is safe -  yourself included!

To do that, pull over to a safe spot like the hard shoulder or a layby. Turn off your engine, and leave your hazard lights on. Get everyone out of the car and stand in a safe place away from the road.

If someone is hurt, dial 999 to call the emergency services. 

If no one is hurt, you should still report the accident to the police within 24 hours. Just call 101. 

2. Don’t say sorry

Not always easy! But never take the blame or say sorry at the scene. 

Saying ‘sorry’ could be the reason why you end up paying for the damage - even if it wasn’t your fault. So let us do the talking for you. We’re really good. 

If you hit something that’s not moving, like a fence or a parked car, don’t leave a note saying sorry. Just leave your contact details. 

3. Collect details

The more information and photos you have of the incident, the better your chances are of getting things sorted quickly. We’ll ask for a lot of these when you call us to report an incident.

Most importantly, ask for the details of any other drivers involved. You’ll need their:

  • Full name
  • Phone number 
  • Number plate
  • Insurance company name  

You can collect all of this information using the Bump! Card. Go to your Marshmallow app, and add it to your wallet. Find out how it works here. 

4. Gather evidence

To do that, take as many photos as you can and make a note of things like:

  • your car
  • their car 
  • any damage
  • any other vehicles involved
  • the driving conditions
  • the weather

In your phone notes, write a quick summary of the accident including the time and date it happened. Your notes will be useful later if extra evidence is needed. 

5. Call us 

No matter where the damage is, or who was at fault, call us within 24 hours of the accident for the best chance of a swift resolution.

You’ll find our 24/7 accident support line on the app. Or here

We’ll ask you some questions about what happened. That’s where the evidence you’ve collected comes in handy! The more questions you can answer, the quicker we can solve your claim. 

We’ll get you to confirm some of your policy details, too. Which you’ll be able to find using the Marshmallow app.

Had an accident and need to let us know? Head to our claims page, here.