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Do I need an immigration share code to get a UK driving licence?

Working. Renting. Getting a UK driving licence. It all demands a lot of admin when you’re new to the UK. One easy way to prove your identity, and your right to live and work in the UK, is with an immigration share code. Keep reading to find out how getting one can help you.

What is an immigration share code?

An immigration share code is a unique code that you can generate online that proves your immigration status. This can be shared with employers, landlords and universities as digital proof of your right to work, study and live in the UK.

Each code is a mix of 9 numbers and letters and expires after 30-90 days. You can get a new code every time you need one.

Check your immigration share code

Who can get an immigration share code?

You can only get an immigration share code if you have a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) online account. 

Not sure what that is? You’ll already have one if you’ve ever:

  • Applied to the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Used the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to prove your identity when applying for a visa
  • Created one when applying for a visa (check your inbox for a UKVI account confirmation email)

The UK government is in the process of replacing printed visa documents with digital ones (eVisas), so UKVI accounts are becoming a lot more common.

Find out more about eVisas

Do I need an immigration share code to apply for a UK driving licence?

It’s not 100% necessary, but it does make things easier. 

Here’s why. Whether you’re switching your original licence for a UK licence, or applying for a new provisional UK driving licence, you need to provide a form of identification. This could be a valid passport that has a visa stamp or sticker inside.

But if you have an immigration share code? You can use this to prove your identity instead – saving you the hassle and cost of posting your physical documents.

If you’re still waiting to be contacted about getting a UKVI account, don't worry. You can still use your other documents. 

Find out how to get a UK driving licence

How do I check my immigration share code?

If you have a UKVI account you’ll need the identity documents you used to register. This could be:

  • your passport
  • your biometric residence card or permit (visa)
  • your national identity card

Make sure you have access to the mobile number or email address you used to apply – you'll be sent a 6-digit code to log in.

You’ll then be able to see your name, date of birth, your immigration status and its expiry date (if it has one). It will also show what your status allows you to do in the UK, like work or study.

To get a share code you just need to say what you need it for. For a UK driving licence application, select the option ‘Something else’. 

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