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What on earth is Marshmallow Plus?

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Imagine if you could drive around in a big squishy bubble that protected you and your car. No more bumps, scratches, or waiting for your car to get fixed...

Ok, we’ll admit we haven’t got round to designing that (yet). But we have been working hard to create Marshmallow Plus, our most comprehensive car insurance plan and all-round safety net 🙌

What is Marshmallow Plus?

Marshmallow Plus is our feature-packed car insurance plan, providing the highest level of cover to customers.

It includes lots of our most popular add-on features to make sure you’re covered for whatever happens on the road. And it boasts some exclusive extras too.

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What does Marshmallow Plus cover? 

Marshmallow Plus provides the things you’re used to getting from your insurer: fully comprehensive cover, a courtesy car, personal injury cover and more.

But, it’s the shiny extras we’re excited about. In fact, you get £200 worth of extra features with Marshmallow Plus

Think breakdown cover powered by the AA, third party cover to drive other people’s cars, free unlimited policy changes, motor legal protection to cover any unexpected legal costs… and that’s just naming a few.

Here’s everything you get with Marshmallow Plus, compared to our standard plan, Marshmallow Original:

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