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Inside Marshmallow
Data Team Structure: Becoming World-Class Leaders in Analytics

Find out how we're restructuring our data team to help us become world-class leaders in data analytics.

Meet the first Marshmallowers in our Budapest office

Join the Budapest office at and meet Anna and Gabor, our first ever Marshmallower in Budapest! Read about their journey with the team.

Women in Tech: An Honest Conversation with Marshmallow's Engineers

Join Marshmallow's engineers for an honest conversation about the realities of being women in tech. Valuable insights and inspiration from these trailblazers.

10 Questions with Charlie: Marshmallow Backend Engineer

Meet Charlie, the Backend Engineer of our Efficiency team. Discover his role and expertise as we ask him 10 quick-fire questions.

10 Questions with Chrissie: Marshmallow Fraud Operations Executive

Get insights into the life of a Fraud Operations Executive at Marshmallow with 10 Questions with Chrissie. Discover the challenges and rewards of this role.

Building Our Android App in 3 Months

Android Engineer, Daniele, reveals how we built our android app in just 3 months, all from scratch!

You don't need a STEM degree to be an engineer

Backend Engineer Heather Whyte chats to her fellow Marshmallow engineers about switching careers to pursue engineering - all without a STEM degree.

Three Customer Retention Executives talk job promotions, perks and proudest moments

We’re shining the spotlight on Eszti, Csongor and Ivett, our talented Customer Retention Execs to share what it’s like to progress your career at Marshmallow.

10 Questions with Maddy, Third Party Claims Operations Lead

Meet Maddy, our Third Party Claims Operations Lead. She's here to answer 10 quick-fire questions about working at Marshmallow...

Meet our Credit Hire Claims Team

We chatted with some of the team to find out what it’s like to work in the Credit Hire Team within Claims, and to hear what they have to say about our workplace culture.

Get to know our Customer Retention Team

We chatted to our evergrowing Customer Retention Team about the work they do, their plans for scaling up and what the future holds.

Marshmallow: From A to Series B - Now Officially a Unicorn!

Marshmallow: From A to Series B - Now Officially a Unicorn! Discover how we raised $85m in our Series B round, propelling our value to over $1.25bn.

Moving Fast: A Chat with Our CTO, David

Discover the insights of our CTO David on tech stack, tech debt, and tech culture. Learn how we move fast and embrace mistakes. Join the conversation.

12 Quick Fire Questions with Caroline Gillard, Chief People Officer

12 Quick Fire Questions with our Chief People Officer. Read Caroline's insights on women in tech, diversity, & building inclusive People processes

Meet the Women Pioneering the Auto Insurance Industry

Meet the Women Pioneering Car Insurance Industry. Discover how Georgia, Gwen, Lexie, and Anna are revolutionising design and fraud protection.

2 Years of Data Science at Marshmallow

Data Scientist Rob Gray shares his experience scaling up the data science team at Marshmallow over the past 2 years. Discover his insights and expertise!

Our Cost-Saving Car Insurance: Marshmallow Essential

Get the best deal on car insurance with Marshmallow Essential. Our cost-saving plan is launching now. A Chat with our Group Product Manager, Faris.

Pinelopi: Senior Engineer & Women's Day Role Model

Pinelopi: Senior Engineer & Women's Day Role Model. Celebrate the women transforming insurance with a profile of our talented senior engineer!

Why I Joined Marshmallow's Engineering Team With Roma Matios

Software engineer Roma Matios reflects on joining Marshmallow's Growth team.

Krishan's Career Switch: From Fraud to Data Analytics

Discover how Krishan made a successful career switch from Fraud to Data Analytics. Learn from their experience and make your own professional leap!

10 Questions with Tom: Marshmallow Customer Happiness Executive

Discover what a Customer Happiness Executive does in this insightful interview with Tom. Get all your questions answered and learn more about this role.

Marshmallow's Makeover: New Mission & Fresh Look

Notice something different around here? We hope so! Let us introduce our new mission, and a brand new look to match.

Our Co-Founder, Alexander, on why Marshmallow supports migration

Back in 2018, one of Founders, Alexander, wrote about why migration matters and how we want to help, in our small way, make moving to the UK easier.

We’ve got a new mission-led ad campaign

We’ve launched a new marketing campaign with the help of Wake the Bear and Uncommon Experience Studio. Here's what you need to know.