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Meet the first Marshmallowers in our Budapest office

4 mins

It’s official. We’ve opened up our first international office in Budapest!

Joining us to help build the team and to create a bridge between our new hub and London HQ are Anna, Senior Customer Happiness Lead, and Gabor, Customer Happiness Coach.

Anna and Gabor jumped on an international zoom call (fancy!) to chat to us about new jobs, new offices and new teammates. Here’s what they had to say:

Hey Anna & Gabor, we’re so excited to have you here! How does it feel being the first people to join our Budapest hub?  

A: It’s always hugely beneficial to be in the first wave of a new, core team. You’re there right at the beginning, coming up with new ideas and planning what’s next - all things I love doing!

I did the same thing when setting up a new department in my previous role. I have to say, it’s an enormous task. Even if a new function is similar to an existing one, there are so many things to build - projects, processes, transformations etc. But it’s exciting work to get stuck into. 

G: Taking a company international is an amazing feeling, but there are a lot of ups and downs. 

When opening a new office, it’s crucial that each location or hub fits within the existing culture,  but it also has to be able to develop its own identity too. 

Things can change so much from one day to the next, and it can be quite overwhelming for both the old and new hubs. But the collaboration is so much fun - you’re helping each other to overcome challenges and obstacles, and to build something entirely from scratch!

You’re both joining the Customer Happiness team - the heart of the company! What’s the overall aim of your role?

A: My aim is to make sure that Customer Happiness is efficient and successful at Marshmallow. That means making sure we collaborate as a collective, regardless of where someone is based. 

The idea is that the Budapest team will focus on the same processes and content as the London team. And we’ll make sure that all colleagues feel they belong, no matter where they are geographically located.

We’re all tackling the same problems and trying to answer the same questions, so we’re establishing a mindset of being one team!

How did you find the Marshmallow interview process? 

G: The first thing that stood out to me was how responsive everyone was, and how fast the process moved. Everyone kept to the agreed timelines which is rare! I enjoyed the style of the interviews and how casual it all was. That was unusual for me because most other interviews I’ve done have been structured and pretty formal. I was encouraged to be myself which felt like a natural way to interview.  

Were there any specific things about Marshmallow that made you want to work here? 

G: The company culture was a game changer for me. I was looking for a place that really worked with core values in mind. So many companies claim they have values because it looks impressive for their marketing, but they don’t actually hold themselves accountable to them day to day.

But everything the Marshmallow culture handbook outlines came to life during the interview process. It was really clear how much everyone is encouraged to work with autonomy, to seek things out for themselves and to find answers to the problems they come across. The reality of the Take Ownership value really drew me in. 

Now that I’m here, I can already see the opportunity to go above and beyond my role - sharing ideas, taking ownership of focus areas, and making improvements to how the team works. It’s really exciting!

How did you feel about joining a company that is so new to Budapest? 

A: I found it exciting to discover more about the unknown!

When I spoke to other companies, I felt like they were offering roles that were very similar to what I’d been doing before. I knew I could do those jobs, but why go down a path that I’ve already followed for years? I wanted to jump into something brand new. Marshmallow encouraged me to look beyond my comfort zone.

Is there any work in particular you’re looking forward to getting stuck into?

G: I’ve always been interested in process flows and the quality assurance side of customer service - making sure that knowledge is spread evenly across all roles and that everyone knows exactly how to exceed customer expectations.

Having worked for many companies in many countries, I know that communication really is the key to success. Once you’ve nailed communication internally, it’s so much easier to talk to your customers. 

How do you see your career progressing at Marshmallow?

A: I like to take a practical approach when it comes to my career. Big hopes and dreams are great for some people but I want to make sure I’m being realistic. Right now, I’m focusing on quick win achievements! 

G: I’m a big dreamer and I love working towards optimistic goals; they really keep me motivated. In the longer term, I’d love to help with the growth of the Budapest office and see the launch of new products or the expansion into new markets. Multiple products in multiple locations with multiple languages. Opening the Budapest office is the first step towards that goal!

Finally, what advice would you give to other people who are looking to join Marshmallow in Budapest?

A: It’s really important to have an open mindset. A startup environment isn’t right for everyone. But it’s useful to remember that not everyone is suited to a big corporate company either. 

Having a super friendly and non-corporate environment where absolutely everything is brand new can feel strange at first! I felt a bit anxious about the thought of having to adapt to this way of working - it’s more modern, energetic, and full of positive minded people. The team is fresh and everyone is always sharing new ideas. My main advice would be: don’t be afraid, just get stuck in!

We hope you enjoyed meeting our very first members of the Budapest team. Fancy joining Anna and Gabor in our Budapest office? Head to our jobs page to explore our current openings, here.