If you’re in the process of buying your Marshmallow policy, then there’s still time to add a breakdown plan!

I don’t have my quote yet 

If you’re getting your quote on the Marshmallow website, we’ll give you the option to add a breakdown plan after you receive your standard quote. Your price will update as soon as you select your plan, so you’ll know what you’re paying straight away. 

If you’re getting your quote on a comparison website, you can add breakdown cover to your standard quote. When you’re re-directed to Marshmallow, you may need to reselect any additional options, including breakdown cover. You will NOT be charged twice for this. 

You’ll be able to review your policy before buying to make sure that your breakdown plan has been added.

Marshmallow Plus includes Roadside Breakdown Cover with AA, you can upgrade this to another breakdown plan before you buy.

I already have my quote 

No worries! You still have the option to add breakdown cover after you receive your quote. You’ll see the option to add it on your policy overview. 


I already have a policy with Marshmallow

Unfortunately, we can't add breakdown cover to a policy once it's already been set up.

You can still get breakdown cover separately through other breakdown providers. 

You could also cancel your policy with us and get a new quote with breakdown cover added. If you bought your policy less than 14 days ago, you can cancel your policy for free. Otherwise, there will be a £50 cancellation fee on the Essential, Original and Plus plans, and a £125 fee on the Lightest plan.