You may be able to add breakdown cover to your policy depending on your situation.

I haven't bought my policy yet

You are able to add breakdown cover when you get a quote.

Unfortunately if you already have a quote without breakdown cover, you will have to obtain a new quote. The option to add breakdown will appear after the payment method is selected (monthly vs. annual).

I came from a comparison website

If you have come from a comparison website, once you are re-directed to our website you will need to reselect any additional features, including breakdown cover. You will NOT be double-charged for this.

I already have a policy with Marshmallow

Unfortunately we can't add breakdown cover to a policy once it's already been set up.

Some customers find it best to get breakdown cover separately through breakdown providers.

The other option would be to cancel your policy with us and get a new quote with breakdown cover added.

If you bought your policy less than 14 days ago, you can cancel your policy for free! Otherwise, there will be a £50 cancellation fee.