If you'd like someone else to be able to driver your car, it is important to make sure they will be covered by an insurance.

1. Check if they have insurance on their own

Some car insurances will cover their drivers on other cars. Usually, that means they would have a basic Third party cover, so it would be legal for them to drive your car.

However, please be aware that this type of insurance is only valid if there is a primary cover on your car, and doesn't include any damages to the vehicle. So if the driver was at fault in an accident, you'd have to pay for the car to be replaced/repaired.

2. Add them as a named/additional driver to your policy
If you'd like additional drivers to have a fully comprehensive insurance when driving your car, you can add them to your Marshmallow policy.

To do so, you can email us at hello@marshmallow.com to let us know. We will ask you a few questions to learn to know them, and tell you how this will impact your premium.

If in the future you decide to remove them from your policy, we would readjust your premium accordingly.

For more information about how to add or remove a driver to your policy, you can visit our article here.