Yes, we do offer No Claims Discount (NCD) Protection as an add on to our policies!

Protected NCD is available to purchase with our policies, both from our own website and from comparison sites.

‍What is NCD?

‍NCD is also known as your No Claims Bonus (NCB). It is a system used by UK insurers to reward good driving. For every year you are insured and don’t make a claim, you earn 1 year NCD. Find out more about No Claims Discount here.

‍‍How it works without NCD Protection:

‍If you make a claim with Marshmallow and your NCD is not protected, your NCD will be impacted. This would mean that you would get a smaller discount the following policy year.

‍‍How it works with NCD Protection:

‍You can make up to 2 fault claims during your policy term without your NCD being impacted.If you make more than 2 fault claims during your policy term, your NCD will be impacted even though you have NCD Protection. Non-fault claims and windscreen claims do not impact your NCD.

‍‍Am I eligible for NCD Protection?

‍To check if we can offer you NCD protection, please make sure you meet these criteria:

  • You have one fault claim or less in the last 2 years
  • You have more than 1 year of NCD to protect

‍Other things to note:

  • NCD Protection doesn’t protect the overall price of your insurance policy
  • NCD Protection price is based on the NCD years. For 1 year of NCD, the PNCD pricing factor is 1.25, so, 25% of your premium. For 2 years of NCD, the PNCD pricing factor is 1.1, so, 10% of your premium
  • UK claims only