Depending on when your policy with us ends, we may be able to provide your with your No Claims Discount Certificate

I have been with Marshmallow for a full year but I will not be renewing my policy

  • If you've made no claims  with us for your year on cover, we can provide you with your NCD Certificate within 21 days of your policy expiry date.
  • If your policy is coming to an end within 21 days, just log into your account, click 'Policy documents' and then 'NCD Certificate.' You will be able to download a copy of your NCD Certificate here.

I cancelled my policy with Marshmallow

  • In this case we would be able to provide you with Claims Overview Document from your time with Marshmallow rather than a No Claims Certificate. This is because to get your No Claims Certificate, you must have been on cover with us for 12 months and made no claims
  • To get your Claims Overview Document, just log into your account and click 'Contact Us' to let us know that you need this document from us.

Please note that we won't be able to include any NCD you may have earned abroad on your NCD Certificate. However, if you do have NCD from abroad, you can show this to your next insurer!