You can change your address directly from the app:

  1. Open the app and tap your policy
  2. Tap Manage at the top of the screen
  3. Scroll down to Main Driver and look for Address
  4. Tap Edit
  5. Follow the instructions to update your home address

Why is it important to update my address?

‍We need to know if any of the details on your policy change. This is because your policy might be invalidated in the event of a claim if your address isn't up to date.

Will I pay any admin fees?

If you are a Marshmallow Lightest or Essential customer, you will be charged a £25 admin fee to make a change to your policy.

What information will you need to verify my new address?

We may need to verify your new UK address. To do so, you can provide one of the following documents, issued recently and clearly showing your name and address:

  • Tenancy agreement
  • Bank or Building Society statement
  • A recent utility bill – gas, electricity, water, telephone (not mobile phone)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Council tax bill

Still having trouble changing your address?

Get in touch through Live Chat, either through the app or the Help page on our website.