We’ll send you a welcome email confirming that your policy has been set-up. To check when your policy became active, simply check the time stated on your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

You can find your Certificate of Motor Insurance, along with your other policy documents, in the Marshmallow app, or your web-based Marshmallow account.

Unless we directly tell you that your policy is going to be cancelled, is cancelled, or you choose to cancel, your insurance is active and you can drive without worry.

‍Why isn't my car showing up on Ask MID yet?

Please don't worry, the MID database can take some time to update.

As soon as you buy a policy with us we automatically send details of your car across to the MID. Although we can see on our system that this has been done, it can take up to 7 working days before the customer (you) can see this on the database.

But, please be assured, you are legally insured to drive from the start date of your policy and the MID entry will always be backdated to that day.