You'll need to tell us what you use your car for. Sometimes, this can be a bit confusing so here's a guide on what all the different uses mean:

Social, domestic and pleasure (SDP)

  • This means the policy holder and any named drivers on the policy can use the car to drive to places in their free time away from their working hours.

Social, domestic, pleasure and commuting (SDPC)

  • This is given to all policies at Marshmallow by default. This includes the above but also includes commuting to and from a fixed place of work. So if you work in an office, at a store or anywhere else that doesn't change frequently, you should select this option.
  • This is option "I drive to and from work (commute)" on our signup form.

Business Class 1

  • Business Class 1 business allows the policy holder to drive to multiple places of work. This is useful for people who visit different client locations or different work sites on a frequent basis. This does not cover making deliveries (including food, parcels, leaflets or any other work related goods), travelling salespeople or any tradesperson who carries work related goods or other people in their car during their working hours.
  • Business Class 1 also covers a spouse only if they are a named driver on the policy for business use, but any other named driver is only covered for Social, domestic, pleasure and commuting.
  • This option is "Yes, I sometimes drive for work" on our signup flow.

Business Class 2

  • Business Class 2 is the same as Class 1 except that any named driver is covered for business use.
  • Marshmallow does not offer Class 2 cover

Business Class 3

  • Business Class 3 is when you are driving pretty much full time for work. This would cover travelling salespeople or mobile beauticians (for example). This would also cover work related goods but does not cover courier and or delivery drivers.
  • Marshmallow does not offer Class 3 cover.

Commercial Use

  • Commercial use will cover private hire taxis, driving instructors, couriers & delivery drivers.
  • If you need to use your vehicle for work-related purposes, you would need to find cover with another insurer that offers Commercial Use.
  • Using a vehicle for commercial purposes without the correct level of cover means any claim made would not be paid out and it may even constitute an offence.
  • Marshmallow does not offer Commercial cover.