Why is my Semi-Automatic vehicle appearing as Manual?

At the moment our database is showing Semi-Automatic vehicles as Manual.

Semi-Automatic vehicles are considered as Automatic vehicles as long as they have no clutch pedal.

Can you still offer me insurance?

We can still offer car insurance if you have a Semi-Automatic vehicle!  You just need to get in touch with our Customer Support Team when you have purchased a policy stating that your vehicle is a Semi-Automatic so we can make a note on your policy.

What happens if I have an accident?

If you have an accident and make a claim then your Semi-Automatic vehicle will be classed as an Automatic.

If I have an automatic driving licence will I be covered?

If you have an automatic driving licence and your Semi-Automatic vehicle is appearing as manual in our database then you are fine to drive the vehicle as long as there is no clutch pedal. Again, if you were to make a claim then the vehicle will be classed as an Automatic