What happens if I miss a direct debit payment?

If you have missed a direct debit payment, we will email you to let you know and our finance partner, Premfina, will attempt to take the payment again in around 9 working days.

If you'd like to pay before the 9 days, simply go to the Premfina website, enter your Premfina agreement number and your last name and you will be given the option to make the payment.

Please note that Premfina add a £27.50 late fee for each missed direct debit payment.

What happens if the second payment fails?

If the second payment fails, we will be in touch again with a payment deadline. If you do not make the payment by this deadline your policy may be cancelled.

How can I prevent this happening again?

If you would like to change your due date or bank details, then please get in touch with us by logging in to your Marshmallow account and clicking 'Contact us'. Don't worry if you've never logged in before, just enter your email address and we will send you a link to log in. You can also contact us via the Marshmallow app.