The mileage corresponds to the amount of miles you will drive in a year.

If you realise that you might exceed the mileage originally quoted, please let us know as soon as possible.  In the event of a claim, we will check that all your details are still true. If not, your cover might no longer be valid.

If you realise you might go over the mileage originally quoted, you can update this in your customer account.  

You can also contact us via live chats, or email us at  

More information about your mileage

During the quote process, we'll ask you for to estimate how many miles you'll drive during the year. That's because someone spending hours on the road every day will be more likely to get involved in an incident than a driver who barely uses his car.

We know it’s difficult to be certain how many miles you will travel in a year, so, we try to be flexible. But in doubt, what's important is that your cover remains valid.

Please be aware that changing your mileage will be likely to impact your premium. The price difference shouldn't be too high unless other factors are affected, so most customers prefer to over-estimate rather than falling short.