We are really focused on offering car insurance that protects everyone involved in an incident, which is why we only offer fully comprehensive insurance.

Fully comprehensive insurance is the highest level of protection offered in the UK. It covers damage caused to other people's property, damage caused to your own car, and can pay you compensation if you are injured. Our policies would also protect you against theft, accidents and even your car catching fire.

We do not offer third party insurance. Third party insurance does not cover damage to your own car and does not pay compensation if you are injured, whereas our fully comprehensive policies cover this. We know that accidents can be pretty bad, so want to make sure you have good coverage if you are in one!

You can choose from four different plans, all based on your needs and the level of protection you’re looking for.

Marshmallow Lightest is our budget friendly plan that offers the minimum cover with a higher excess. Essential is our back-to-basics plan, ideal if you’d rather swap some perks for a cheaper price. Next up is Marshmallow Original, offering full flexibility with no-fee policy changes and added windscreen and personal belongings protection. And our highest level of cover comes in the form of Marshmallow Plus, which has added cover for driving other cars, plus extra protection like Breakdown Cover and Motor Legal Protection.

Please note, Marshmallow Plus is the only plan that covers you to drive other cars.