Your car insurance is due to renew, and the price is now more expensive. “But I thought Marshmallow was all about being better and cheaper than the rest?” we hear you say 🤔

And you’re right. 

We always work to give you the best experience and the cheapest price possible. There are times where we might fall short, and there are times where things are just out of our control. Here are a couple of reasons why your premium might have gone up this year. 

  • Our pricing structure has changed

    Our policies used to be created and assessed by a third party. This had its upsides, but it also meant we couldn’t deliver the customer experience we wanted. So we decided to take control, and launched our own company to do that work instead - Marshmallow Insurance Ltd.

    This new structure makes our prices fairer and more sustainable across the board. In the long-run, it means more freedom for us to build and deliver the tools our customers want, the prices you need and the experience you deserve.

    In the short-term, we are making up for lost time. That, for now, might mean higher prices in some areas. It also means we don’t have as much freedom to discount our policies at the rate we want to. Teething problems are never fun, and we intend on making them as temporary as possible.

  • You made a change to your policy

    A few factors can affect the price of your premium. For example, if you changed your car, your new model might be deemed a higher risk for accidents or theft. If you moved house, your new address could make your car more prone to damage. Or if you made a claim on your insurance over the last year, your premium is very likely to go up this time around. 

If you'd like to discuss your renewal offer, please speak to a member of our team via Live Chat.

We can't guarantee that we'll be able to offer you a cheaper price at renewal, but we'd love to see if we can help!