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Help us build an everything-but-average insurance brand. Fit for the ones who step outside the norm.

Mission and Purpose
We back the ones who step outside the norm.

People who find themselves on a different path, either by choice or by circumstance. The exceptions to the rules that others aren’t interested in serving. Those are the ones we want to back, in everything we do.

For the next three years, that means becoming the go-to insurer for people who are new to the UK. A huge cohort of people that the industry is not set up to support.

Not only do we cater for their immediate needs (fairer, cheaper prices), we also go above and beyond to make them feel seen and heard in everything we do.


We like your drive...

Do you have what it takes to be a Marshmallower? We live and breathe our values. We even have awards for them! So here’s a glimpse of how we do things here.

Bias for action

We carry urgency into our every day, knowing that only by making daily progress can we drive long-term growth.

Simplify for success

We don’t overcomplicate or try to be too clever. Less is more.

Challenging and honest

We optimise for truth and progress, which requires us to never shy away from difficult conversations with each other.

Be bold

To serve our customers best, we experiment relentlessly, make tough decisions and go where others won’t.

Be selfless

We work hard, together and without ego.

Take ownership

We take on challenges, and put our hands up when things go wrong.

What's it like to work here?

We'll let the team answer this one...

Diversity and Inclusion
To solve big problems,
we need exceptional
people from all walks of life.

Through our values, processes, and top tier development frameworks, we're creating a culture where everyone feels empowered to bring their unique perspectives and boldest ideas to the table.

So what’s in it for you?!

Loving what you do isn’t just about money and office perks. But they help.

Flexible working

Hybrid is here to stay. We get our best ideas when we work together, but being able to fit things around our own lives is important, too. Our in-person-first approach gives you control over your own time while bringing back the benefits of in-person collaboration. The ins and outs vary across teams, so check the job description to see how this might apply to you.

Bonus scheme

Rewarding high performers is part of our DNA. We do it regularly with feedback, awards, and in-depth reviews. But we also wanted to recognise their direct impact on the company’s success. And give them a share of it. So we introduced a bonus scheme! It's based on individual and company performance.

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A word from our founders

“We have always been a purpose-driven company.

We started Marshmallow when we found out how unfair insurance prices are for people who move to the UK.

We now help 100,000s of UK newcomers get a fairer deal on their car insurance every year.

We do that by building our own technology, developing pricing and fraud models that let us cater to their unique experiences, and investing time in getting to know them on a deeper level.

But there are millions of marginalised customers out there who find themselves on a different path - either by choice or circumstance. And we know they face unique problems that most companies aren’t even aware of.

We believe our future is in helping those people by learning about their experiences, and building our company around their needs.”

Alexander Kent-Braham
Oliver Kent-Braham
David Goaté
chief architect
Open roles

Here are all the people we’re currently looking for. If you don’t see anything that fits you today, do come back soon. We put new roles up every week.