No driving discount: 
Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 31st January 2024

The policyholder may request to temporarily reduce their cover, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out by this document and, in return, will receive a discount of 50% of the net premium for the period in which they are not driving. 

The cover may be reduced to be eligible for the no-driving discount for a minimum period of 30 days to a maximum period of 90 days. The commencement date of this reduced cover period must be determined, and an odometer reading photo provided, before the reduced cover period can begin. This period must end more than 14 days before the renewal date and must not overlap into a new policy term. 

During the no-driving discount period 

During the period of reduced cover, the vehicle must remain at the home address listed on the policy and the policyholder must continue to adhere to all policy terms set out in the General Conditions and General Exclusions sections of the Policy Wording. 

Cover will be reduced during this period to cover any loss which arises from the insured vehicle not being driven. During this period, we will continue to cover the insured vehicle against loss of or damage to the insured vehicle (less any excess that applies) in respect of:

During this period, the vehicle will continue to be shown as insured on the Motor Insurance Database, and the Motor Insurance Certificate will remain valid. If the policyholder wishes to begin driving again at any time, they may, however this will immediately revoke their entitlement to the no-driving discount. 

A policyholder may only reduce their cover entitling them to this discount once in a policy term. 

Getting the discount

The policyholder will be eligible for the discount if:

The policyholder will NOT be eligible for any discount if the above circumstances have not been met. 

If a claim is made during the no-driving period, the policyholder will owe their full premium and no discount will be applied. 

In the event of any falsified odometer readings or any false statement made to induce Marshmallow into providing a discount, the policy will be treated in accordance with the Fraud section (found in Section 14) of the Policy Wording. If any discount has been paid and it is subsequently proven that the vehicle was being driven during the no-driving period, the discount must be repaid to Marshmallow before the claim can be settled. 


If the policyholder opts to cancel their policy mid-term, they will not receive a pro-rata refund as well as the no-driving discount. The no-driving discount applies to full annual policies.