Of course you can! Switching only takes a few minutes, you can get a quote from our homepage.

You can switch by:

  1. Cancelling your current insurance policy
    Contact your current insurer by phone or email (unfortunately we can't cancel for you). Your insurer may charge you a cancellation fee.
  2. Sign up for Marshmallow insurance
    Feel free to get a quote on our website and learn more about how to buy a new policy with us

You shouldn't have two policies at once so please don't choose our policy to start until the other policy has finished!

More information about switching

  • If I buy a new policy with you, will you cancel my policy with my current insurer for me?
    Sadly, we can't cancel your current policy for you as other insurers don't allow this! Just send your current provider an email or give them a call to cancel your policy.
  • My current insurance provider will charge me a fee to cancel, if I join Marshmallow, will you pay for this cancellation fee?
    Unfortunately we don't pay any cancellation fees for new customers switching to Marshmallow. Hopefully we will still be the better deal and insurance provider for you though!