Yes, we can accept your foreign No Claims Discount (NCD).

At Marshmallow, we want to understand your whole driving experience (and maximise your savings), which is why we can accept your proof of NCD or your Bonus Malus from abroad.

Many of our customers send in the renewal notice or an official letter from their existing insurer. It should contain:

  • Number of bonus-malus/no claims discount
  • Details of any claim
  • Policy start and expiry date
  • The contact details of your previous insurer including the telephone number, email address, and postal address.

We can accept the following documents as proof of No Claims Discount (NCD):

  • A Closing Statement outlining your time on cover and any claims reported.
  • Proof of NCD letter
  • An email forwarded from your previous insurer stating your NCD years
  • A Renewal Invitation from your previous insurer
  • A schedule of insurance that shows your NCD in %

Documents we don't accept:

  • Motor Proposal Confirmations
  • A driving licence or licence summary

Please get in touch with us through our Live Chat if you have further questions.
We are happy to help!