Your driving score is based on your performance in three areas: speed, smoothness and focus.

After every drive, you’ll get a score in each area. We’ll then use these to calculate your overall driving score.

But how do you improve your score in each area? Here are our top tips:


This is a measure of how well you keep to the speed limit. We hope it goes without saying that speeding is against the law - but mistakes do happen.

Our advice? Watch out for sudden transitions between different speed limits.

And one important point: if you consistently break the speed limit, we may need to cancel your policy. So keep an eye on that speedometer!


This measures how smoothly you brake and accelerate while driving. In general, slow and steady is better than fast and sudden.

And by the way: smoother driving is more fuel efficient. It also causes less wear on your tyres and engine. So acing this score is good for your wallet, too!


This measures how often you (or your passengers) interact with your phone while driving. Remember: it’s against the law to handle your phone while driving.

Using hands-free mode while driving still affects your Focus score, but it has a smaller impact.

The safest thing, and the best thing for your driving score, is not to use your phone at all when you’re behind the wheel.