We ask for proof of address to verify your identity and ensure we hold up to date information should we need to contact you.

We require proof of address from all customers, as this helps us evaluate the risk when calculating premiums.

What documents can I use to prove my address?

You can prove your address by providing any of the following from the past 60 days clearly showing your name and address:

  • A recent utility bill – gas, electricity, water, telephone (not mobile phone)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Council tax bill
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Your last two bank statements.

✅ You can send through photographs of the full document or PDFs

🚫 Here’s a list of documents we don’t accept as proof of address

I don't have any proof of address

If you are struggling to provide one of these documents for whatever reason, simply get in touch through a Live Chat. You can start a chat through the app or the Help page on our website.

One of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your situation and help you with your options 😀

Why is it important to update my address?

We need to know if any of the details on your policy change. This is because your policy might be invalidated in the event of a claim if your address isn't up to date