Currently, Marshmallow only offers Business Class 1. Read more below:

  • Business Class 1 business allows the policy holder to drive to multiple places of work. This is useful for people who visit different client locations or different work sites on a frequent basis. This does not cover making deliveries (including food, parcels, leaflets or any other work related goods), travelling salespeople, or any tradesperson who carries work related goods or other people in their car during their working hours.
  • Business Class 1 also covers a spouse only if they are a named driver on the policy for business use, but any other named driver is only covered for Social, domestic and pleasure.

If you think Business Class 1 is right for you, log in to your Marshmallow account

Don't worry if you've never logged in before, just enter your email address and we will send you a link to log in.

After you've logged in, click on 'Edit Policy' and then 'Adjust mileage and usage'.

💸 Will it cost me anything?

If you are a Marshmallow Essential custoemr, you may be charged a £25 fee to make a change to your policy. Also, changing to business class may impact your annual premium.