UK conviction codes & penalty points

If you receive a driving conviction, it's important that you let us know so that we can update your policy. Just get in touch using our live chat function in your Marshmallow account or app.

We will need to know:

  • Conviction code
  • Conviction month & year
  • Your policy number

‍The government has assigned a code to each offence. For a list of the conviction codes, please take a look below, or find out more on GOV.UK.



  • AC10 - Failing to stop  and/or give particulars after an accident    
  • AC20 - Failing  to report an accident within 24 hours    
  • AC30 - Undefined  accident offences  


  • BA10 - Driving while  disqualified by order of court    
  • BA20 - Driving  while disqualified by reason of age    
  • BA30 - Attempting  to drive while disqualified by order of court    
  • BA40 - Causing  death by driving while disqualified    
  • BA60 - Causing  serious injury by driving while disqualified  


  • CD10 - Driving without  due care and attention    
  • CD20 - Driving  without reasonable consideration for other road users    
  • CD30 - Driving  without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other  road users    
  • CD40 - Causing  death through careless driving when unfit through drink    
  • CD50 - Causing  death by careless driving when unfit through drugs    
  • CD60 - Causing  death by careless driving with alcohol level above the limit    
  • CD70 - Causing  death by careless driving then failing to supply a specimen for alcohol  analysis
  • CD71 - Causing  death by careless driving then failing to supply a specimen for drugs  analysis    
  • CD80 - Causing  death by careless, or inconsiderate, driving    
  • CD90 - Causing  death by driving: unlicensed, disqualified or uninsured drivers  


  • CU10 - Using a vehicle  with defective brakes    
  • CU20 - Causing  or likely to cause danger by reason of use of unsuitable vehicle or using a  vehicle with parts or accessories (excluding brakes, steering or tyres) in a  dangerous condition    
  • CU30 - Using  a vehicle with defective tyre(s)    
  • CU40 - Using  a vehicle with defective steering    
  • CU50 - Causing  or likely to cause danger by reason of load or passengers    
  • CD60 - Undefined  failure to comply with Construction and Use regulations    
  • CD70 - Breach  of requirement as to Speed Assessment Equipment Detection Device    
  • CU80 - Using  a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle  


  • DD10 - Driving in a  dangerous manner    
  • DD20 - Driving  at dangerous speed    
  • DD30 - Reckless  driving    
  • DD40 - Dangerous  driving    
  • DD50 - Causing  death by dangerous driving    
  • DD60 - Manslaughter  or culpable homicide while driving a vehicle    
  • DD70 - Causing  death by reckless driving    
  • DD80 - Causing  death by dangerous driving    
  • DD90 - Furious  driving  


  • DR10   Driving or  attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit    
  • DR20   Driving  or attempting to drive while unfit through drink or drugs    
  • DR30   Driving  or attempting to drive then failing to supply a specimen for analysis    
  • DR31   Driving  or attempting to drive then refusing to give permission for analysis of a  blood sample that was taken without consent due to incapacity    
  • DR40   In  charge of a vehicle while alcohol level above limit    
  • DR50   In  charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink or drugs    
  • DR60   In  charge of a vehicle then refusing to supply a specimen of blood or urine for  laboratory testing    
  • DR61   Failure  to supply a specimen for drug analysis in circumstances other than driving or  attempting to drive    
  • DR70   Failing  to provide specimen for breath test    
  • DR80   Driving  or attempting to drive when unfit through drugs    
  • DR90   In  charge of a vehicle when unfit through drugs  


  • DG10 - Driving or  attempting to drive with drug level above the specified limit    
  • DG40 - In  charge of a vehicle while drug level above specified limit    
  • DG60 - Causing  death by careless driving with drug level above the limit  
  • E001 - No driving  licence - driving while disqualified    
  • E002 - Exceeding  the speed limit    
  • E003 - Driving  while unfit by virtue of disease of physical/mental disability    
  • E004 - Drunk  Driving    
  • E005 - Drunk  in charge (southern ireland)    
  • E006 - Driving  without reasonable consideration (southern Ireland)    
  • E007 - Driving  without due care and attention (careless driving)    
  • E008 - Dangerous  Driving (southern Ireland)    
  • E009 - Driving  of dangerously defective vehicle
  • E010 - Parking  vehicle in dangerous position    
  • E011 - Driving  without Insurance    
  • E012 - Fraud  in obtaining Insurance    
  • E013 - Failure  to produce RTA Certificate    
  • E014 - Accident  not reported by the Insured    
  • E015 - Sign/Signal  not observed    
  • E016 - Parking  Offence (southern Ireland)    
  • E017 - Duties  on occurrence of accident - failure to comply (hit and run)    
  • E018 - Unauthorised  taking of vehicle  


  • IN10 - Using a vehicle  uninsured against third party risks  


  • LC10 - Driving without  a licence    
  • LC20 - Driving  otherwise than in accordance with a licence    
  • LC30 - Driving  after making a false declaration about fitness when applying for a licence    
  • LC40 - Driving  a vehicle having failed to notify a disability    
  • LC50 - Driving  after a licence has been cancelled (revoked) or refused on medical grounds  


  • MR09 - Reckless or  dangerous driving (whether or not resulting in death, injury or serious risk)    
  • MR19 - Wilful  failure to carry out the obligation placed on driver after being involved in  a road accident (hit or run)    
  • MR29 - Driving  a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other substance affecting  or diminishing the mental and physical abilities of a driver    
  • MR39 - Driving  a vehicle faster than the permitted speed    
  • MR49 - Driving  a vehicle whilst disqualified    
  • MR59 - Disqualification  due to other conduct constituting an offence for which a driving  disqualification has been imposed for 6 or more months  


  • MS10 - Leaving a  vehicle in a dangerous position
  • MS20 - Unlawful  pillion riding    
  • MS30 - Play  street offences    
  • MS40 - Driving  with uncorrected defective eyesight or refusing to submit to a test    
  • MS50 - Motor  racing on the highway    
  • MS60 - Offences  not covered by other codes (including offences relating to breach of  requirements as to control of vehicle)    
  • MS70 - Driving  with uncorrected defective eyesight    
  • MS80 - Refusing  to submit to an eyesight test    
  • MS90 - Failure  to give information as to identity of driver etc            
  • MT01 - Driving whilst  using a mobile telephone  


  • MW10   Contravention  of special roads regulations (excluding speed limits)      
  • NA01   Causing GBI by  driving carelessly/inconsiderately whilst unfit    
  • NA02   Causing  CBI by driving carelessly with excess alcohol or drugs    
  • NA03   Wrongful  use of a disabled driver’s badge            
  • NE99   Non-endorsable  offence which can result in disqualification            
  • NI09   GB drivers  disqualified in Northern Ireland
  • NR09   GB drivers  revoked under the New Drivers Act in Northern Ireland  


  • PC10 - Undefined  contravention of pedestrian crossing regulations    
  • PC20 - Contravention  of pedestrian crossing regulations with moving vehicle    
  • PC30 - Contravention  of pedestrian crossing regulations with stationary vehicle                    


  • PL10 - Driving without  ‘L’ plates    
  • PL20 - Not  accompanied by a qualified person
  • PL30 - Carrying  a person not qualified    
  • PL40 - Drawing  an unauthorised trailer    
  • PL50 - Undefined  failure to comply with conditions of a Provisional Licence                    


  • QI09 - GB drivers  disqualified in Isle of Man  


  • SC19 - Section 19  (Transport Act 1981) disqualification, being banned from diving by the  authorities.    
  • SC35 - Section  35 (Transport Act 1981) disqualification, being banned from diving by the  authorities.            
  • SE19 - Disqualification  under totting up procedure    
  • SE35 - Disqualification  under totting up procedure                    


  • SP10 - Exceeding goods  vehicle speed limits    
  • SP20 - Exceeding  speed limit for type of vehicle (excluding goods or passenger vehicles)    
  • SP30 - Exceeding  statutory speed limit on a public road    
  • SP40 - Exceeding  passenger vehicle speed limit
  • SP50 - Exceeding  speed limit on a motorway                    


  • TS10 - Failing to  comply with traffic light signals
  • TS20 - Failing  to comply with double white lines
  • TS30 - Failing  to comply with ‘stop’ sign    
  • TS40 - Failing  to comply with direction of a constable/warden    
  • TS50 - Failing  to comply with traffic sign (excluding ‘stop’ signs, traffic lights or double  white lines)    
  • TS60 - Failing  to comply with a school crossing patrol sign    
  • TS70 - Undefined  failure to comply with a traffic direction sign  


  • UT10 - Taking and  driving away a vehicle without consent or an attempt thereat    
  • UT20 - Stealing  or attempting to steal a vehicle
  • UT30 - Going  equipped for stealing or taking a vehicle    
  • UT40 - Taking  or attempting to take a vehicle without consent, driving or attempting to  drive a vehicle knowing it to have been taken without consent, allowing  oneself to be carried in or on a vehicle knowing it to have been taken  without consent    
  • UT50 - Aggravated  taking of a vehicle


  • Z001 - Non-Road  Traffic Act - Fraud    
  • Z002 - Non-Road  Traffic Act - Robbery    
  • Z003 - Non-Road  Traffic Act - Theft    
  • Z004 - Non-Road  Traffic Act - Handling    
  • Z005 - Prosecution  Pending    
  • Z006 - Parking  Offence    
  • Z007 - Disqualification  under section 34    
  • Z008 - Disqualification  under section 35    
  • Z009 - Driving  whilst using a mobile telephone
  • Z010 - Tachograph  offence    
  • Z011 - Ban  From Driving In Any EU Country (Excluding The UK)            


  • TT99 - Disqualification  under ‘totting-up’ procedure. Demerit points apply for offences causing the  disqualification            
  • S.19 - Disqualification  under totting up procedure            
  • XX99 - Disqualification  under ‘totting-up’ procedure. Demerit points apply for offences causing the  disqualification  

‍If you're convicted of a motoring offence in the UK, you might receive penalty points. These points can last on a driving record for 4 to 11 years, depending on the offence.

View your licence information & check your penalty points on GOV.UK.