If you have an accident, you must call the 24-hour Claims line.

Just tap Report an incident from the Marshmallow app, or visit the Claims page on our website to find the number for the claims line.

It doesn't matter if the accident was or wasn't your fault. When you call us, we will deal with your claim as quickly and as fairly as possible.

We've put together a short step-by-step guide to help you in the event of an accident:

  1. Stop and get to a safe area: Stop as soon as it is safe to do so. If you have a warning triangle, place it before the accident, otherwise make sure you are in a safe place.
  2. Call the authorities: If anybody has been injured you must call 999 to tell the police or the ambulance service.
  3. Take pictures and videos of the crash: If you have a mobile phone with you then take photographs or videos of the scene including the extent of damage caused to vehicles, property and people.
  4. Talk to other people involved in the accident: If possible, you should speak to other people involved and collect their details.
  5. Details required: It's important that you collect the vehicle registration number, name and phone number of any other drivers involved in the accident. The more contact details, the better.
  6. Ask the other party to call our claims line: We can assist the other person involved in the accident with their car repairs and provide them with a courtesy car if necessary.
  7. Do not admit you were responsible: Do not admit that the accident was your fault as UK road law is complicated and it may be that it wasn't actually your fault. Instead you should get the other party to contact us on our 24-hour claims number. Look in the Claims section of the app or visit the Claims page on our website to find the number.
  8. Recovering your vehicle: When you speak to the claims line, they will let you know about the next steps with regards to the recovery of your vehicle.

If you do all of the above you will be safely out the way of danger and we will be on our way to sorting out your claim.