Marshmallow Lightest is as stripped-back as fully comprehensive can be. It still covers car damage for you and others involved in an accident, but with fewer extras and a higher excess than our other plans.

So what does Lightest include?

  • All our plans are fully comprehensive and include Third Party cover, which is the minimum legally required insurance to drive on UK roads.
  • This plan also protects your car against theft, fire and accidents.

And what does it not include?

  • No windscreen repairs or replacements
  • If you make a claim, you won’t get a courtesy car
  • No personal baggage cover
  • No built in entertainment cover
  • No back-up travel after an accident
  • No uninsured driver or vandalism promise
  • No personal injury cover

Please note that on Marshmallow Lightest, you will be charged £25 for making any changes to your policy.