Winn Solicitors are specialists in handling the legal aspects of insurance claims.

We’ve partnered with them so you have the best possible legal representation in non-fault claims.

If you’ve been involved in an incident, contact our claims team straight away. We’ll let you know if we think Winn should handle your claim.

Why are Winn Solicitors handling my claim?

In short: because they’re excellent lawyers!

At Marshmallow, we know a lot about insurance. But we’re not lawyers - and we want our customers to get the very best legal representation.

This matters because insurance claims often involve legal disputes.

When an incident is someone else’s fault, their insurer will often do everything possible to shift the blame on to you. At worst, this can leave you liable for some or all of the costs of a claim.

The best defence against this? A specialist legal firm like Winn Solicitors. They have more than 15 years experience with these kinds of disputes.

Can I trust Winn Solicitors?

Absolutely! Winn are fully accredited by the Law Society: the independent professional body for solicitors in the UK.

Since 2011, Winn have been awarded the Law Society’s Lexcel quality mark. This is only given to solicitors who meet the highest standards of quality.

In other words, Winn are among the best in the industry. At Marshmallow, we wouldn’t settle for anything less.

What about repairs and hire cars?

If Winn are handling your claim, they will arrange this for you.