At Marshmallow we want to offer everyone a better deal on their car insurance!  But, there are some circumstances when we can’t offer cover.

There are some cars, jobs and locations we aren’t able to cover right now. (If this is you, we’re really sorry.) We’re working on it.  In the future we hope to be able to cover pretty much everyone.

Right now, we might not be able to cover you because of:

Your car

  • We can’t cover cars that are too cheap (£300 or under)
  • We can’t cover cars that are too expensive (£90,000 or more)
  • We can’t cover some classes of cars
  • We can’t cover vehicles with some modifications

Your details

  • We can’t cover people that don’t live in the UK
  • We can’t cover younger drivers (21 or under)
  • We can’t cover older drivers (76 or over)
  • We can't cover drivers with certain medical conditions
  • We can't cover people with certain convictions

Your driving

  • We can’t cover people that drive A LOT
  • We can’t cover drivers with a poor claims history
  • We can't cover drivers who have previously had their policy cancelled or voided by an insurer

Your location

  • We can’t cover some parts of the UK

More information about why we can't insure you
  • I got a quote from a third party website (for example Compare the Market) so why can't you insure me?
    If you started looking for car insurance on a different website, you will be asked some more questions when you get to our website so we can finish getting a quote for you. Sadly, in some cases it turns out that we can't insure you after all.

    If this has happened to you, we're really sorry! 😞 Unfortunately this means you won't be able to buy a policy with us right now but we really hope you manage to find good cover somewhere else!