Marshmallow is more than your standard insurance company.  We are building what insurance should be. And unlike most insurers:

  1. We consider your whole driving experience.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve driven in the UK, or Australia.  Portugal or Poland.  We value your whole driving experience and use it to give you a better price
  2. We are a tech-focused company.  We have an incredible team of engineers who are constantly making marshmallow easier to use.  This also means we’re able to keep our costs lower and is why we can give you a cheaper price.
  3. We have loads of REALLY HAPPY customers.  Check out our reviews:
  4. Our investors know how to spot a company that is going to make things better for their customers.  (They have successfully backed companies like Monzo Bank, Spotify & Snapchat 😎)

We are like other insurance companies in one way – authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (the regulator for car insurance). Here is our profile: