If your quote price has gone up, there could be a couple of reasons behind it:

1. You went to purchase the quote some time after you initially generated the quote

We, along with many other UK car insurers, use 'real-time' pricing. This means that the quote price will constantly change depending on our pricing factors and when you proceed to purchase the policy.

When you re-visit the quote and enter the final questions, your price was recalculated based on today's date and our current pricing. Your quote subsequently changed.

If you receive a quote, the only way to guarantee this exact price is to purchase the quote when you first receive it.

2. You found your quote on another website.

If you got your first quote on another website (such as Compare the Market or Go Compare), this quote will only be based on the answers you gave on these websites.

However, before we can give you your final quote, we need to ask you a few more questions once you reach our website. This means that the price of your quote may change and sadly in some cases, the price may go up.

We’re really sorry if this has happened to you! But sadly, the quote you get on our website is the actual price.

Please note:

All our quotes are calculated on our system and we won’t be able to change this for you to match your cheaper quote.